Why choose Peopletrail as your next background screening provider?

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Accredited by the PBSA since 2010

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Offering Actionable Insight® You Trust

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Ensuring FCRA Compliance & Workplace Safety

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Fastest Turnaround Time in the Industry

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Our Screening help reduce the employee turnover rate

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Administering Award-Winning Customer Service since 1994

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Catering 'Human Touch' at every step of the screening process

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Dedicated account managers, who customize solutions for your personal needs.

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Promoting high quality and accuracy for public records and data

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Integrations with 100+ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)


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Customized, Easiest, manageable, and the most pleasant background check experience in the screening industry.

Peopletrail is acknowledged as a reputable background check company providing advanced background checks to businesses of all sizes and sectors. As one of the leading background search companies, we go the extra mile to deliver high-quality reports using our Actionable Insight® and unmatched human touch.  HRO Today recognized Peopletrail as the top background verification agency for five consecutive years in the United States.

We are pleased to be a PBSA accredited background check provider among the leading national background check companies in the United States. Our compliance and superior accuracy make us the #1 choice among the top background check vendors. Follow our quick 3-Step sign up process and receive the best background check services around the globe.

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Not all Background Check & Screening Companies are alike.

Discover the Peopletrail Difference.

Why are we the most authentic advanced background check company to work with?

While using advanced background screening technology, we focus on providing 'Human Touch' and 'Actionable Insight'  background check service, providing superior background investigation reports and pre-employment screening solutions globally. Having one of the fastest turnaround times among the entire list of background check companies globally, Peopletrail's average background check result takes less than 1.6 business days.

best consumer reporting agency and background check service

As one of the few customer-focused background search companies, we make ordering a background check more secure, accessible, and flexible for our clients. Our background screening services' depth assists a broad client base, including multiple industries and company sizes.

Modernize the way HR screens new employees by adding Actionable Insight® to your hiring processes. Give yourself a better chance to select the right talent. It's time to swap the old investigating techniques with our advanced background verification agency screening services.

Modernize the way HR screens new employees by adding Actionable Insight® to your hiring processes. Give yourself a better chance to select the right talent. It's time to swap the old investigating techniques with our advanced background verification agency screening services.

The Peopletrail Difference

  • We provide the fastest turnaround times in the top background check vendors.
  • We provide dedicated account managers who customize solutions for your personal needs.
  • Integrations with 100+ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  • Utilizing technology while maintaining the Human Touch provides Actionable Insight®, you can trust.
  • FCRA Compliance, while preserving consumer protection.
  • Promoting high-quality and accuracy concerning public records and data.

What makes us credible?

  • PBSA accredited
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • SHRM partners
  • Ranked for 5+ years with HRO Baker's Dozen
  • TechRadarPro recommended
  • BBB accredited business with an A+ Rating
  • 20,000 + business served since 1994
  • 5-Star Google recommendation rating
  • A client retention rate of 99.9%

We deliver intelligent background checks that will make you glad you're choosing us. 

The right way to run background verifications for new employees

We are an experienced consumer reporting agency with knowledge about multiple employment screening processes. With an executive team with 50+ years of experience, we have learned the different types of background check service needs. Many businesses have special requirements to meet federal and local laws. Ultimately, your business’s custom problems require custom solutions, and that happens to be our specialty!

We deliver the most comprehensive background check service to multiple industries throughout the globe. We believe that good employment decisions are made with information that is not only accurate and timely but also relevant. That's where our actionable insight comes into play. Our screening specialists ensure that you always secure and apply the most significant information towards building a safe workplace.

Striving for a higher screening standard among background search companies

At Peopletrail, we do everything we possibly can to give you the results you need. We believe in pushing for the highest standards to help you make the best decision. Our 'human touch' is an effort towards providing error-free, accurate background checks.

While we use the most advanced background screening technology, we make sure that trained human eyes go over each and every piece of information on a background check report before it is delivered. Whether it is our industry-specific solutions, eclectic mix of services, or legal compliance – you can count on us to be a useful background screening partner for the long run.

Read the client case studies to learn what we’ve done for some of our clients — and imagine what we can do for you.

Brands who trust our background check services

Peopletrail has been recognized by HRO Today’s 2019 Baker’s Dozen Awards as the top #5 ‘Enterprise Quality of Service Leaders’ among the leading background check companies in the country.

In addition, Peopletrail was also ranked in the top 6 for the ‘Enterprise Size of Deal Leaders‘ category, #11th amongst HRO Today Pre-Employment Screening Baker’s Dozen Overall Enterprise Leaders, and #13th in ‘Enterprise Breadth of Service Leaders’.

background verification agency Consumer reportign agency clients

Background search companies and reference background checks

Pre-employment history investigations and reference checks are an organization’s primary means of acquiring information about new hires from sources other than the candidates themselves. A background screening commonly includes determining whether an applicant may be unqualified for a job due to a criminal record, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresentation regarding academic or employment history.

A reference check usually involves selecting candidates’ former employers, supervisors, co-workers, and educators to verify previous employment and collect information about their knowledge, talents, capabilities, and character. Being a responsible background verification agency we double check our reports and ensure 100% accuracy to our clients.

Why are we the top background check provider?

We are an experienced consumer reporting agency, having ample knowledge about multiple employment screening processes. Many businesses have special requirements to meet federal and local laws. Ultimately, your business’s custom problems require custom solutions. Here are some of the stunning advantages you get when you hire Peopletrail as your background screening provider.

Explore Our Industry Specific Solutions

At Peopletrail, we do everything we can to ensure that each hire you make is with utmost confidence. This is the reason we have designed industry-specific packages catering to the unique needs of each industry. This also allows us to offer complete information in record time. Most background screening firms take far too much time and are too expensive. We try to help you save on both.

We have served over 20,000 companies from various industries. A few of the more popular ones include Transportation, Education, Finance, Construction, Staffing, Healthcare, Insurance, and Hospitality. Our specialists can help your HR department acquire the best talent in the country regardless of company size.

Protect your business interests with Peopletrail. You can avoid potential litigation and several other pitfalls by accessing our industry-specific solutions designed to help you make the best hiring decisions while being compliant with all laws and regulations.

Featured Services at our background verification agency

Peopletrail is your first step in protecting your organization from reputational, financial, and security risks. We offer customizable employment background check services to help you mitigate candidate risk in your recruitment process.

Our flexible background check packages allow you to take your pick from a wide array of services – volunteer background screening, criminal record checks, verifications, and drug testing, among many more. You can make informed decisions based on the services you choose. Peopletrail can help you make sure that you hire professional and honest candidates.

We are a PBSA accredited background check agency positioned at the pinnacle of an expert due diligence and fiscal responsibility. We believe in maintaining peerless customer service and offering sound investigative principles. You can rely on Peopletrail, whether you are a financial organization or looking for the next construction crew.

Unlike the largest background check companies in the world, we follow a high set of customer standards. Competitive background check firms don’t always seek to be the larges but focus on the customer while delivering background checks.

Justifying Quality over Quantity

You may end up inflating costs if you focus on hiring volume over quality. Peopletrail offers expert and distinctive services to help you hire the best talent available. You can fill positions with applicants that did not misrepresent their resumes. This will lower attrition and ensure that your employees are well equipped to handle the job responsibilities.

Quality hires help you protect your customers, employees, assets, and brand reputation. We offer fast, compliant, and accurate background check and employee screening solutions that lead to a safe work environment. You can accelerate your talent acquisition process, enhance the overall candidate experience, and improve productivity by incorporating Peopletrail’s services as part of the recruitment process.

Offering Fast, Comprehensive, and Accurate Results

We have helped thousands of organizations make better hiring decisions with our customizable and industry-focused screening solutions. You can feel secure with your new hire with our background checks. Our experience has allowed us to formulate working methods to reduce costs and improve reporting.

Background search companies claim a lot of things but you can count on us to offer detailed, informational, and advanced background check reports in record time. Pre-employment screening has become unavoidable in today’s business environment. Why not hire true experts that have gained a reputation in the industry to vet your candidates for you?

Better International Capabilities among other background checks companies

Peopletrail background screening services are not limited to, domestic databases and court jurisdictions. We have a presence in over 200 countries and can effectively help you screen candidates from these countries. Our extensive network of global partners allows us to provide locally compliant background check services.

As a competitive background verification agency, we use technologically sustainable processes to offer robust results with the shortest turnaround possible. Our screening methods are designed in accordance with local laws applicable to the jurisdiction searched. This helps us deliver useful and accurate results.

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