USA Football Screening

Putting Safety First!

At Peopletrail® we are passionate about putting safety first in sports. Our partnership with USA Football® provides you with the tools necessary to accomplish this at an affordable price without compromising ease-of-use. Peopletrail’s Actionable Insight® Screening solution combines easy-to-use technology and human insights to help you put safety first. Peopletrail and USA Football® provide you with the insight to build a better, safer athletic experience.

USA Football® Screening Services

  • Sex & Violent Offender Report
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Drug Screening
  • Employment Verification
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • Terrorist Watchlist Screening
  • Identity Verification
  • Statewide Search & More

Give parents and players the peace of mind that comes with Peopletrail's background checks. We thoroughly review criminal and sex offender registries and verify personal identities, including credit history evaluation.

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Why Choose Peopletrail®

  • We are integrated with USA Football's original portal which is accessible to you anytime, anywhere.
  • We follow FCRA procedures and exceed industry guidelines helping our partners do the same.

The Safety Solution You Trust

Our average turnaround time for hand searched criminal records is 1.6 days

Watch a 3-step instructions video for USA football coaches on how to initiate a background check.

Comissioners, Presidents, League Representatives

Commissioners, Presidents or league representatives can sign-up to order background checks for their entire league. This option allows for the order of multiple background checks


Coaches can purchase their own background check when not set up through the league. This option only allows a background check of the individual who requests it.