Are you sure you are hiring safely?

All of your questions are valid. However, what you need are answers.

Hiring a person with false credentials can hurt your business a great deal. This unfortunate truth can sometimes have detrimental consequences, especially when dealing with toxic behavior in the workplace. Peopletrail helps you hire the right person for your business. Our detailed reporting and innovative on-demand solutions for employee screening help you make better hiring decisions.


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Our screening insights are top-notch because our background check process is comprehensive. How do we make it happen?

  • All our researchers undergo a 10-module training program
  • Assignments are randomly ‘seeded’ with known hits
  • 2% of all online searches are reviewed again by a different researcher for error detection.
  • We strongly believe in manual research and providing actionable insight on every case we handle.
  • All complaints and errors are tracked centrally and reported to the Vice President of Operations
  • Any researcher committing an error is placed on immediate administrative review and all work is audited
  • Researchers committing repeat errors are replaced.