Did you know that the liability of not conducting background checks of your new hires is high? It incurs not just financial losses but it can also deteriorate your businesses' brand reputation. For so much at stake, you need reliability and a background check company that takes care of your screening needs so you can make a dependable hiring decision.


Screen new hires with our national background checks and ensure a safe working environment.

Peopletrail is PBSA accredited

Peopletrail's background check services are accredited by PBSA®.

When you select the right candidate for the right job, it is excellent news. However, to make sure that all the background information and credentials claimed by the candidate are correct or not is even more critical. We at Peopletrail understand your needs as a business and are here to provide the accurate insights you need to make a better hiring decision.

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Add actionable insight® to your hiring process


Did you know that according to Inc. Magazine, 85% of the job applicants lie on their resumes, misleading the employer?

Did you know that in 2018, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) performed 26,181,936 background checks in the United States?

Did you know that more than 50% of the employers said that a better background check leads them to hire a better candidate?

▶️ Peopletrail has served thousands of clients from the Fortune 500 corporations to mid-sized and small businesses. We understand your risk as a business and know what's more important to you in the hiring process.

▶️ Our reports are detailed, accurate and provide you with a human touch, organizing the most valuable information in the front.

▶️ Some businesses have custom needs for employment screening. Our screening specialists get in touch with you to propose the best background check service that meets your requirements.

▶️ You can count on our compliance team for fast and accurate actionable insight® which is what differentiates us from all the background check companies out there.

▶️ Our screening specialists will manually go over your report and review any irregularities. The human touch we add to the background check makes it reliable and best available in the industry.

If you need more information about our background check services, our customer care department is always there to resolve them.

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