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Peopletrail is among the leading background check companies whose advanced background checks are accredited with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Not every background check provider is accredited and not all of them provide accurate background checks to their clients. We are amongst the compliant screening companies who do not compromise on consumer report quality.

Get Started with Advanced Background Screening

As a premier background check provider, we have helped over 20,000 mid-sized to large scale organizations hire safely. Your business can save costs and improve proficiency with our advanced background check solutions. There is a reason why 99.5% of businesses that come in touch with us never leave.

You can choose from dozens of accurate employment checks. Peopletrail makes sure that whatever you need is delivered efficiently and in record time. We like to help our clients move forward with talent acquisition quickly.

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Did you know that the liability of not conducting advanced background checks or performing low-quality background screening of your new hires might be HUGE? It incurs not just financial losses but it can also deteriorate your businesses' brand reputation. For so much at stake, you need reliability and a screening provider that takes care of your screening needs so you can make a dependable hiring decision.

Screen your new hires with our advanced background checks and ensure a safe working environment.

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Accurate background verification accredited by the PBSA®.

When you select the right candidate for the right job, it is excellent news. However, to make sure that all the background information and credentials claimed by the candidate are correct or not is even more critical. We at Peopletrail understand your needs as a business and are here to provide the accurate insights you need to make a better hiring decision.

As a leading background check provider located in Utah, we are committed to providing the fastest turnaround times in the industry. From national to local county-level criminal background checks, we do it all under one roof, with the highest level of accuracy and compliance.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Peopletrail as your accurate background check vendor

  1. Peopletrail has served thousands of clients from Fortune 500 corporations to mid-sized and small businesses. We understand your risk as a business and know what's more important to you in the hiring process.
  2. Our reports are detailed, accurate, and provide you with a human touch, organizing the most valuable information in the front.
  3. Some businesses have custom needs for employment screening. Our screening specialists contact you to propose the best background verification services that meet your requirements.
  4. You can count on our compliance team for fast and accurate actionable insight®, which is what differentiates us from all the background check firms out there.
  5. Our screening specialists will manually go over your report and review any irregularities. The human touch we add to the background check makes it reliable and best available in the industry.

Becoming a Peopletrail customer is a simple smooth process. As a customer-oriented background check vendor, we start with a discovery call to assess your specific business to understand your processes and any glitches. Not all companies do things the same way. Once we can grasp your issues, understand your procedures, we propose a flexible screening solution that works best for your hiring process.

B2B background checks
  • Standard Packages Starting at $19.99 (Database + County Search)
  • Background Checks for corporations of all sizes.
  • 10 or more checks per year.
  • Fastest turnaround times in the screening industry.
  • Integrations with 100+ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  • Depth of products serving a wide client base ranging in industry and company size.
  • Starts at $19.95 per Background Check
  • Online screening services for individuals
  • Less than 10 checks per year
  • Instant order, pay with credit card
  • Three packages to choose from (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Offering a smarter way to accurate background checks

Regardless of your business scale, Peopletrail can help you select appropriate applicants based on their records and history. We offer award-winning and smart background checks to help our clients make the best employment decisions and manage organizational risk.

You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing between our innovative, industry-specific, and on-demand solutions. We offer almost all the services needed for you to carry out effective background screenings and make astute hiring decisions quickly.

Protect Your Interests with Peopletrail®

It goes without saying the amount of damage your business may suffer from the wrong candidate. Unfortunately, most businesses have limited resources even if they have high talent standards. We can help you fill in the resource gaps with our access to various reporting agencies and databases. Our simplified yet detailed process allows our clients to move quickly and be confident in their hiring decision.

Every applicant and employee adds inherent risk to your organization, business, and employees. You open yourself to lawsuits and numerous other liabilities by making the wrong hiring decision. Peopletrail offers various services that can help you avoid this and protect your interests.

Google Reviews Peopletrail

Andy Monson - "Doing accurate background checks with Peopletrail has always been an effortless process. They work hard and efficiently to make the advanced background check process for our employees quick and seamless. I highly recommend this company."

Clark Evans - "The company I work for (ArbiterSports) has run all our background checks through these guys for years, and it's been a great experience. We recommend them to all our clients now."

Jason Elder - "Peopletrail is awesome to work with and provided excellent and in-depth advanced background checks. Their CS and sales teams are great to work with as well."

Bonnie Pulsen - "I called Peopletrail to ask some general questions on pricing to run background checks. The customer service was great! The rep I talked to was Stefany, and she was very informative on what would be the best type to order without being pushy or talking down to me. She was friendly and seemed to know her stuff. I ordered my check, and it came back quickly and was just what I needed and perfect for the price! I would use Peopletrial again. Definitely one of the best background check companies around"

Why does your business require a trustworthy background check provider?

Not all background check companies are accredited with the PBSA®. We are among the few background check providers who are accredited. We understand that employers require high standards of background screening in today's challenging business environments. We work with prestigious regulatory authorities worldwide to provide customer-focused new hire background check solutions that are compliant and smart.

Did you know?

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