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Just as it is critical to your business success to hire the right candidate. It is also important for you to work with a credible and respected company for background checks and screening solutions.

The Peopletrail® Difference

Not all background screening services are the same.  At Peopletrail, we understand the variable compliance issues in many industries and cater to your unique environment. We don't just spit out data and hand you a report.

We are a PBSA Accredited company

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Are all background checks the same?

Almost all businesses, from small, medium to large, use background screening services to verify the information before hiring.  It may seem that all background screening services are the same, but in reality, it is not. The concept of background screening is so vague and this is the reason why the industry is being ill-treated by some organizations. Hiring manager's due diligence cannot reach its maximum capability unless the background checks they order take advantage of the most foolproof methods and channels to find and verify criminal records. Our globally recognized Actionable Insight® and the human touch makes us different from the competition.

Why does accreditation matter in the background screening?

Be sure to ask your employment background screening provider about their accreditation status. You can also look for the seal on their website. A background screening company’s PBSA accreditation shows more than just organizational integrity. It shows the ongoing commitment to protect the interests of your company and the rights of your employees.

PBSA accredited background screeners have proven expertise, a positive compliance history, and systems in place to align with current State and Federal regulations. The background screening company must show a documented understanding of, and compliance with, all federal and state laws that pertain to hiring decisions. Imagine what could happen if you partnered with a non-accredited screening company to perform a background check on one of your employees. That screening company might give you information connected to a different individual with the same name. This bad information could lead to the loss of a great hire or could even leave your business liable.

We believe in the Human Touch.

Bringing “people into the process” on all our background checks.

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The Peopletrail® Difference:

  • 1.6 Days of fast turnaround time
  • Dedicated account managers
  • ATS Integrations
  • Actionable Insight® with the human touch
  • Legal compliance
  • Consumer protection
  • Information security
  • Organizational integrity and ethics
  • Ability to train and educate clients
  • Accuracy and depth of products
  • Quality and accuracy of public record researchers
  • Employees’ Background Check Expertise

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Peopletrail has been providing employment background screening services to business and government since 1994, with the executive team bringing in years of industry experience extending prior to 1994. This invested experience brings to the organization's strength and expertise, which translates into expedited, accurate reporting and compliance support for your individual needs.

In addition to the wealth of trusted experience we provide, at our core stems this simple yet undervalued and seldom implemented philosophy in many businesses, that "people must be part of the process."