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Peopletrail reviews credit histories by obtaining a credit bureau report from our online access to the three major credit bureau reporting systems. When considering an applicant for a sensitive position, it is important to have a clear and concise profile. Credit reports can reveal factors relating to financial irresponsibility. In addition, credit reports uncover any possible identity or resume fraud by revealing name variations, historical addresses, and past employment information.

A credit report for employment purposes does not include FICO scores and does not affect the FICO score or display to creditors.

Trusted and respected by government agencies and Fortune 500 to small up-and-coming businesses, Peopletrail provides Actionable insight you trust.®

We are a PBSA Accredited company

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Why Should You Choose Peopletrail?

Peopletrail understands the specificities of the financial sector. When you partner with us for your employment background screening, you get to enjoy fast and accurate results in record time. You also reduce the risk of making expensive hiring mistakes that may harm your business reputation and affect the overall team morale. Bad hires also increase the risk of negligent hiring litigation.

Peopletrail is a leading background screening provider and offers several benefits that make us the preferred choice for countless organizations. Few of these are:

  • Verification biographical information and candidate credentials
  • Enhanced security and safety of your vendors, employees, and customers
  • Confidence in hiring decisions
  • Quick talent acquisitions
  • Reduced employee turnover

Peopletrail allows financial service organizations to hire professionally screened employees and help mitigate risk and fraud. Our customized solutions are managed by a dedicated team of account managers that make sure you have the timely and accurate credit check results you can trust.

With screening services including credit check for employment, drug testing, employment history verification, ATS integrations and more, Peopletrail can fully meet all of your screening needs. Only Peopletrail combines state-of-the-art technology with screening specialists to deliver compliant, quick, and accurate results.

Peopletrail® PBSA Accreditation

An accredited background check is essential in the hiring process. Only less than 3% of the entire consumer reporting firms in the United States are PBSA® certified. That means approximately 97% of background check companies you partner with are under no commitment to give you accurate data. These businesses don’t have certifications that protect your organization’s interests or your employee’s rights, leaving you liable.

Each year, U.S. employers request millions of background checks. And each year, improper background check practices result in thousands of FCRA lawsuits and millions owed by employers. Accreditation is an important seal of approval to look for because it offers unbiased validation that we are actually doing what we promise. The best way to ensure an accurate and efficient onboarding process is to work with an accredited screening company.


The Peopletrail® Difference:

  • 1.6 Days of fast turnaround time
  • Dedicated account managers
  • ATS Integrations
  • Actionable Insight® with the human touch
  • Legal compliance
  • Consumer protection
  • Information security
  • Organizational integrity and ethics
  • Ability to train and educate clients
  • Accuracy and depth of products
  • Quality and accuracy of public record researchers
  • Expertise in FCRA background check

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