A leading zoo facility in the United States has been utilizing Peopletrail Background Check services for several years. The director of HR had to say a few things about the experience.

When asked what challenges your company encountered with background screening, he replied, "Our biggest challenge was in regards to having after-hours and weekend onsight availability." He added that "We were looking for a comprehensive solution that would meet our needs, as stated above. Peopletrail stands out because the pricing is competitive but what tipped the scales is the trust and personal relationship building. Good old-fashioned, personalized customer service and commitment to meeting client needs are the most appealing features while working with Peopletrail, as most drug screenings and background services are similar.

When asked about our team's help with implementation, the director of HR affirmed, "Yes, they have been beneficial, and we continue to be happy. Peoletrail has helped us save money on background checks but not necessarily on the drug screens. Even so, our productivity is up for sure, as is our professionalism."