Peopletrail offers fully customizable background checks and drug testing packages for employers to evaluate their candidates

Service Overview

Addressing your hiring needs with customizable background screening solutions

Our fully comprehensive packages are flexible to match specific industry and organization needs. Every screening process undergoes thorough quality control audit to ensure that each component of a report is accurate and correct.

Many leading companies and government organizations hire Peopletrail® to provide background and screening solutions with efficiency, quick turnaround, and insight they know they can trust. The loyalty of our diverse clientele is a testament to our personalized attention and ability to provide customized employment screening solutions to a variety of industries.

The dedicated screening specialists at Peopletrail brings in-depth personalized attention to your unique environment.  Our flexible, tailored screening solutions adapt to organizations of all sizes.  We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to our clients of all industries, each with their own unique environment and needs.

We have a strong network of researchers and vendors across the US and in over 200 other countries to help you with every possible screening need. At Peopletrail, we like to promise timely and reliable delivery by creating long-term and valuable relationships with carefully vetted partners.

Our dedication to valuing compliance, education, and customer service along with security in addition to offering drug testing and employment screening services has allowed our clients to benefit time and again. You can count on our industry-specific solutions and tailormade packages to answer your organization’s employee screening needs.

From employment screening, criminal background checks, drug screening, tenant screening, ATS integrations, and more, Peopletrail is fully capable of meeting all your background checks and screening needs.

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Serving various organizations across all verticals

Employers can make better hiring decisions by having an effective background check process in place while recruiting. It can go a long way in preventing workplace risks, such as abuse, theft, fraud, and violence. Peopletrail offers detailed background check programs for employers from almost every industry, including transport, schools, construction, non-profits, and retail among others.

Providing theActionable Insight® you can trust.

We also offer comprehensive screening services for property management companies, landlords, and apartment owners. Our background checks are always in compliance and thorough to protect your brand and business from negligent hiring and retention lawsuits. Peopletrail offers packaged screening solutions designed specifically for your industry and organization’s needs.

This helps in ensuring that your organization has all the necessary data to make confident hiring decisions, mitigate organizational risk, and stay in compliance with current screening regulations. We can help you with your background checks in an accurate, cost, and time-efficient manner whether you are a mid-sized or a large organization.

Helping employers make educated hiring decisions

Background screening is more than just a quick search. There are rules and regulations throughout the hiring process, from compliant consent forms to the final reports and hiring decisions. You need someone you can trust. You need a professional background screening company that knows their business and is at the top of their game.

Peopletrail offers the right mix of services knowledge and products required in a background check firm. We have an experienced team of researchers offering courteous and knowledgeable support. The largest parameter driving growth at Peopletrail is the success of your hiring decisions.

You can count on us to always use verified and trusted sources for attaining candidate information. The credibility of source is the difference between a background check report you can frame your hiring decisions on and the one that is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Allow Peopletrail to determine your needs and create a customized screening program for your organization that will help minimize risks, such as theft and fraud, and mitigate potential legal liability from bad hires. Background screening when done right can also protect your employees and clients. We do all this while remaining FCRA compliant at all times along with other relevant laws and regulations.

Experience the Peopletrail® difference

Our technology allows for swifter and smarter hiring processes. You can save time, cost, and effort by availing our customized background screening solutions that are backed by cutting edge technology. Peopletrail is redefining background check experience, one organization at a time with standard and custom tools deployed in tune with client needs.

There is nothing wrong about staying on the right side of the law where background screening is concerned. Peopletrail offers complete legal and client compliance along with compliance support. We offer industry-specific solutions that are well-versed with rules and regulations at both federal and state levels. Peopletrail offers detailed and compliant background check solutions for independent recruiters, agencies, and companies across the United States.

We believe in quick resolutions and real-time updates. Unlike other background screening companies, we like to stay transparent and have open lines of communication. Use Peopletrail’s regulatory compliant background screening process to create a safer and efficient workplace by hiring secure, qualified, and competent talent. We believe in the human touch and ensure that you remain updated about individual status every step of the way.


You can use Peopletrail’s criminal and court records check to conduct an SSN trace, County Criminal Court Search, State Level Criminal Search, Federal Criminal Court Search, National Criminal Database Search, Sex Offender Registry Search, Terrorist Watch List Search, Wants & Warrants Search, and County Civil Court Search.

This kind of search can reveal any form of felonies, convictions, and misdemeanors. Peopletrail offers multi-level checks at the federal, county, state, and local levels.

Data verification is an important part of the screening process to make sure that an applicant is honest about the information provided. Peopletrail verifications include checking employment history, verifying education qualifications, and credential and license verification. We also offer reference verification to answer any questions about a candidate’s communication skills, reliability, and personal strengths.

At Peopletrail, we offer customized solutions for job-specific background screenings. You can choose from Motor Vehicle Record Search, Employment Credit Report, Drug Testing, and Medical Screening. These background screenings can be carried out in addition to a myriad of other checks.