Candidate's journey matters

Your applicant experience should be attractive and should engage with the candidate at every stage of the application. Better communication with the candidate, higher satisfaction levels. It also gives you an edge over your competition.

According to the 2018 North American Candidate Experience Report, 46% of candidates never hear back from employers two months after they apply. This creates a negative candidate experience in your business.


Optimize the talent journey during your hiring process. Connect with the ideal candidate in the way your applicant loves it. We help you smoothen the entire hiring experience with nurturing and engaging tools.

At Peopletrail, we use the best technology available for candidate engagement. We help companies win through enhancing their applicant experience. Candidate experience is unfortunately overlooked by the human resource teams but it is an integral part of the background check process.

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Improving the candidate journey

A candidate’s unique experience is defined by every single point between prospecting for a job and the final offer. Touchpoints include career websites or job fairs, the application process, recruiter conversations, interviews, background screening, and job offers. Organizations can take care of their end of the recruitment funnel and offer a positive and consistent experience.

However, the wrong background screening company can delay recruitment decisions or cause the candidate to approach a rival firm, resulting in a poor candidate journey. Peopletrail understands the various challenges faced by employers. This is why we have streamlined our services for quick and accurate results that are procured in an effortless way.

The only way you can make sure of hiring the best quality talent from the available pool is by offering a speedy and seamless onboarding process. Background checks tend to be complicated when conducted by a company that thinks of themselves as a vendor. At Peopletrail, we share your purpose and goal. This allows us to offer a flawless candidate experience for candidates in terms of background screening. We also make sure that everything is carried out in compliance with state and federal laws.

Increase your chances of hiring the best talent

You need to consider the needs of an applicant along with the requirements of carrying out background verifications and checks when developing a recruitment strategy. There are a lot of things that can cause a candidate to look elsewhere between the first interviews to the final selection offers.

Positive recruitment experience can help you select top candidates for a job and increase the likelihood of them accepting the employment offer. It can also cause new hires to recommend your organization to their former co-workers and friends, broadening your talent pool. The right candidate journey can boost your organizational brand and employment strategy, allowing you to stay competitive.

Background checks are an integral part of the candidate experience and can be confusing. Unfortunately, the wrong background screening provider can also cause anxiety for you and your candidates with outdated methods and a lack of transparency. Peopletrail has over two decades of experience in the background screening industry and aims to reduce this discomfort.

We provide an unmatched service that allows for a completely painless process to your candidate as an individual under scrutiny and you as an employer. We do this by asking the right questions and providing services with a human touch.

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Addressing top challenges

Peopletrail has devised various ingenious ways of addressing top challenges faced by candidates and employers alike. These are the top three challenges you won’t face in terms of candidate experience when you work with us.

  1. Front end disclosures

Many companies don’t change or keep up-to-date disclosures and notifications when regulations change. Only about 35.5% of companies have front end disclosures to indicate the candidate shall undergo future background screening or testing, like drug tests, criminal record checks, or credit checks. We help by making our clients aware of these disclosures and the benefits they can bring to the recruitment process. Front end disclosures can weed out undesirable candidates from the process early on, leaving better prepared, and more appealing talent for the next steps.

  1. Background screening process

At Peopletrail, we remove the ambiguity from our background check processes. Only about 35% of employers ever explain the background screening requirements to their candidates. This can cause a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in the minds of the applicants. Many concerns can be addressed by clearly outlining what the background check shall entail and the things that would be required of them.

  1. Communication

A recent report stated, only about 58% of employers let their candidates know that they are no longer being considered for the job position. It is important to keep lines of communication open as applicants advance through the recruitment process. This can allow for a more positive experience. Typically, background checks instill a feeling of uncertainty since most candidates feel they may not clear the check. Even the most prepared candidate may give up hope and apply elsewhere causing you to lose a prospective talent.

Make a great first impression with Peopletrail®

Peopletrail offers candidates a measure of control throughout the background screening process to help them feel empowered instead of being judged. We start by making it easy for the candidate to enter their personal information regardless of the device they prefer – desktop or mobile. We also offer the option of digital consent to minimize the need for paperwork and forms. This allows us to complete the background checking process in record time.

Peopletrail is known for its transparency which can save time for you and your candidates. If you want, we can make the reports available to your applicants as well. We believe in offering easy to understand, streamlined background check reports that offer information at a glance. You don’t have to deal with clunky, long, and dry reports spending hours interpreting them.

We like to keep open channels of communication at every step of the process. Our background checks are flexible and designed to suit your organizational needs. However, we also take into account the average candidates’ needs. This has allowed us to develop a streamlined and efficient process that is in accordance with EEOC guidelines and other relevant legislation.