Driver Record Check Report

Order your driving record background check for new hires. Transportation businesses need accurate driver record check reports and driver record screening services to keep their employees and fleet moving safely and productively on the road. With our post-employment driver background check screening solutions, you can keep your workplace secure and legally consistent. Our driver record reports are both compliant and accurate.

Motor & Driver Records Report

These reports contain state driving record information dating back at least 3 years and possibly up to 5 years. Gain peace of mind by obtaining a driving record for all employees with driving responsibilities. This background screening also works as identity verification because it can verify the date of birth and middle name.

How Do I Get a Copy of My Driver Record?

Commercial Drivers License Reports

The Commercial Driver’s License Information System is a database search of commercial driver’s licenses in many states. This background check verifies that an applicant has a commercial driver’s license. This service also works as a tool for criminal searches. It may indicate that an applicant lived or worked in states besides those reported.

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Why conduct a driver background check?

Motor vehicle reports are invaluable for employers in various industries. They help check a job applicant’s criminal and driving history. These records show the type of license granted, traffic violations, suspensions, revocations, and restrictions placed on use. Driver record screening is recommended for employees or job applicants that would be operating heavy machinery or driving vehicles while on the job.

These checks are also recommended for volunteers if they will be driving or operating equipment while working for your cause. In several states, criminal convictions for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol do not show up in criminal records. These can only be uncovered through a DMV or motor vehicle record check. It’s crucial to review your candidate’s driving and safety data records, especially if they will be in charge of heavy machinery at the workplace.

This is necessary to maintain the safety of your other employees, vendors, and customers

Peopletrail offers comprehensive driving record background checks

Driving records offer great insight into an applicant’s character. It may seem obvious to conduct these screenings for candidates that will be using a vehicle while on the job. However, you can learn a lot of things with Peopletrail driving records. We offer comprehensive and exhaustive solutions to organizations to make a confident hiring decision.

One benefit of a driver check is that you are required to show a valid “Birth Certificate” to obtain a driver’s license in the US.  Thus, it is a great way to verify the Date of Birth (DOB) for a particular candidate.  Many candidates with criminal records know that criminal records are verified using a DOB matching technology. We have seen many times where a candidate will intentionally switch a digit in their date of birth to throw off employers and untrained screening companies.

Our driving record screening can divulge information about alcohol and drug abuse, dangerous driving attitude, and a general sense of irresponsibility. Driving records also show the validity of the license, suspensions, accidents, violations, and other similar pieces of information.

Peopletrail driving record screening help organizations to:

  • Hire qualified applicants that have a history of safe driving
  • Minimize risk by maintaining safety protocols
  • Safeguard employees, assets, and customers
  • Maintain their reputation and trust within the industry
  • Prevent liability claims
  • Validate correct (DOB)

You can have updated information about the license class, status, restrictions, and moving violations by checking an applicant’s motor vehicle record (MVR). This type of background search is imperative if your employees are operating motor vehicles as part of their job descriptions.

You can count on Peopletrail reports in terms of accuracy and detail. We gain our information directly from the state Departments of Motor Vehicles. We also double-check each report before making it available to our clients to reduce errors.

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What is included in the Driver Record Check?

Driving Record Check or Motor Vehicle Report checks gather information from the state’s department of motor vehicles or a similar organization to verify whether the applicant’s license is valid or is suspended. These checks also divulge information about driving-related violations.

In many states, DUI convictions are not allowed to be reported as part of a regular criminal record search. These can only be reported in Motor Vehicle Reports. We can check up to ten years of record depending upon the state. Most states allow for only three years, while some keep records as far back as five, seven, or ten years.

To run an effective driving records check, we will need to know the applicant’s full name as appearing on the license, the state where the license was issued, and the driver’s license number.

Who needs driver records checks?

  • Employees of courier and chauffeuring companies
  • People who drive company vehicles
  • Commercial drivers
  • Machine operators
  • Contract drivers in the gig economy
  • Any volunteer who drives as part of their volunteer work
  • Any employee who drives company vehicles
  • Any position requiring the operation of heavy machinery
  • A candidate who has a criminal record with a “Name Match Only”

What information is shown on a driving records background check

  • Moving violations, suspensions, and restrictions
  • Class (commercial driver’s license, operator)
  • Driver’s license status (valid, suspended, expired)
  • DUI, DWI, and other felony or misdemeanor convictions

Benefits of Peopletrail's motor vehicle record (MVR)

Organizations are required to assume liability for drivers operating equipment as part of their job description. Your insurance rates can increase if an employee causes an accident. It can also lead to costly litigation if you did not conduct a background check on the employee. By checking the candidate’s driving history, you can take an essential step in mitigating all risks involved.

Our driving record screening reports are comprehensive, accurate, and superior to other companies' checks because we include the human touch and scrub the records for accuracy by a trained Dedicated Account Manager. These are a few reasons for working with us:

  • Improved driver record check report accuracy with exhaustive audits and quality checks
  • Human touch at all levels of the screening process
  • Our driving reports reveal violations and convictions that are usually not part of criminal background checks
  • Reduce organizational liability by hiring responsible and capable drivers
  • Create a positive work environment by hiring safe employees
  • DOT-compliant services
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Important terms in driving record background check report

  • CDL-A: Commercial driver’s license allowing the use of any vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating not exceeding 26,001 pounds and towing capability exceeding 10,000 pounds.
  • CDL-B: Commercial driver’s license allowing the use of any vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating not exceeding 26,001 pounds and towing capability not exceeding 10,000 pounds.
  • CDL-C: Commercial driver’s license allowing the use of any vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating not exceeding 26,001 pounds, as long as it does not meet the vehicle definition of Class A or Class B. The holder can transport hazardous materials and more than 16 passengers.
  • Class E: Non-commercial driver’s license authorizing the holder to operate livery vehicles or taxis.