E-Verify Services

E-Verify is a U.S. Government web-based system that allows employers and other participants to verify the federal I-9 form of their newly hired employees to work in their organization.

What is E-Verification?

Whenever you are employed by a US employer, you need to complete an I-9 form and your employer will run your information through the government database to determine if you have a “Right to work” in the United States. E-Verify provides employers with “Right to Work status,” for foreign nationals, green card holders, and others who may have a valid US work visa.  This verification ensures that you are authorized to work in the US. E verify is a relatively new system introduced by the federal government which validates your U.S employment authorization.  USCIS directly manages the E Verification process for newly hired employees.

Who Needs E-Verification Services?

E-Verify is not required unless you are an employer with federal contracts or subcontracts. Employers may also have state mandates that require them to participate in E-Verify. Many employers use E-Verification services as a second source of authentication for to check a new hire.

Get Started With E Verification

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Understanding the E-Verify Process

Every employer is required by the law to complete the I-9 Form for every one of their new hires. I-9 Form and E-Verify may be closely linked. However, it is not necessary for enrolled employers to use E-verify if they do not wish to do so.

The I-9 Form is required to be completed by the employee and employer upon recruitment. The information procured through the I-9 is supposed to be entered into E-Verify within three days of the employee starting work. If an employer fails to do this in three days, it is illegal for them to go back and perform this and change the hire date or backdate a form.  E-Verify is used for comparing the entered information against maintained government records for the purpose of verification. Many companies can be fined thousands of dollars when failing an audit.

Only those employees that get a positive match are eligible and authorized to work in the United States. The employer gets an alert when the information does not come back as a match. An employee gets 8 days to take care of any mismatched information and resolve disputes. They can continue working until the problem gets resolved.

Peopletrail can help lessen the workload on your HR department by taking care of your I-9 and E-Verify information. Peopletrail will work with you to instantly determine the eligibility and legal right of a candidate to work in the US. Avoid fines and penalties by allowing utilizing Peopletrail’s automated portal into the SSA, and DHS directly.  We’re here to assist you with the entire process and will gladly provide auditing service for past I-9’s and help you moving forward to keep everything in compliance.