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Using employment verification companies in your hiring process, you can significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire by making employee verification check a part of your onboarding process. 75% of employers tend to hire the wrong candidate from available talent pools because the candidate falsified data, including medical reports, educational qualifications, and references. These hires are made at an average cost of $17,000. Employment history verifications help you decrease the losses you incur every year due to bad hiring,

Importance of employment history verifications

Additionally, hiring the wrong employee can prove to be detrimental for workplace morale, security, and turnover. Your organization could end up spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in recruitment, orientation, and training, only to realize the individual you hired is not a fit for your company. You could end up repeating the entire process again and again without having a sound background screening firm, like Peopletrail on your side.

Bad hires can also prove to be costly in terms of negative publicity and negligent hiring litigations. This is not just a drain on your financial resources but can also be damaging to your brand reputation. Each employee of your company becomes representative to members of the public and vendors. The wrong person can cause significant damage to job satisfaction and productivity.

By thoroughly verifying identity, employment history, references, age, and address among other things you can weed out the undeserving candidates.

Detect incorrect and false information using employee verification check

You could make serious hiring mistakes if you blindly trust the information provided by job seekers. Nearly 60% of hiring managers routinely discover falsified information on candidate resumes. You can blame this on the overly competitive job market. But, an increasing number of candidates are exaggerating or over-embellishing their job applications and resumes.

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Peopletrail can help you detect false information before you bring a candidate on board. After all, you wouldn’t want to hire a person that lies on their resume. Trust is an important trait between an employer and an employee. Also, a person that falsifies their job experience and credentials may not be able to carry out their job responsibilities causing increased attrition. We offer services in the US and 200 other countries.

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Peopletrail offers unmatched data integrity, accuracy, and speed

Peopletrail offers timely and accurate employment history verifications to protect your brand reputation, business, employees, assets, customers, and other resources. Our screening solutions are both comprehensive and compliant and designed to support your recruitment process completely.

Peopletrail solutions help you make confident hiring decisions, improve your team’s productivity, accelerate your recruitment time, and enhance the candidate experience. Our actionable insight and human touch stand out among employment verification companies.

Hiring a person with false credentials can hurt your business. It can sometimes have detrimental consequences, especially when dealing with work quality at the workplace.

Types of employee verification checks employment verification companies conduct to hire the right candidate.

Age Verification

Age Verification is used when a criminal report is run, but the birthdate does not match. Our screening specialists run a rigorous employment history verification process and use a driving record to verify the applicant’s age.  If the dates do not match then, further investigation is recommended

Sometimes people hide their age and pretend to be someone else. The wrong age is provided at times to qualify for a certain program or event

Employment History & Reference Verification

In-experienced employment verification companies run a new hire check by a manual screening of applicant-reported employment references.  Businesses often need to check applicants' employment history to avoid resume fraud or get input from a previous employer.

People sometimes enter false past job history to enhance their work experience. Hiding experience is a common practice used to appear more qualified for specific roles.

Executive Due Diligence

This detailed and developed reference check goes back several years to look at personal and professional performance.  Often overlooked by many companies,  this service is your best screening solution for high investment candidates.  This background screening solution is valued by corporations to ensure the best candidate is hired for an important role of responsibility within the organization.

Immunization & Medical Verifications

Medical teams who work with different populations need to ensure they are not passing around diseases and sickness to their susceptible patients.  It’s also imperative that medical providers comply with Medicaid Sanction requirements. Peopletrail provides the necessary verification of immunization and medical records to keep you compliant and help you make the right hiring decisions to be part of your medical team.

Personal Reference Verification

A Personal Reference Verification is a manual check of applicant-reported personal references. Our screening specialists will customize the questions to meet your specific needs. We recommend checking an applicant’s personal references to gain insight into the candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency, qualifications, and integrity. Direct verification of personal relationships can provide valuable information regarding the general image of a potential applicant.

Professional Reference Verification

A Professional Reference Verification is a manual check of applicant-reported professional references. Our screening specialists will customize questions to meet your specific needs. We recommend checking professional references to gain insight into the candidate’s work ethic, professional relationships, job skills, and trustworthiness. Direct verification of professional references is a valuable source of information about a potential applicant’s image as perceived by supervisors, co-workers, or others.

Residence & Landlord Verification

Residence/Landlord Verification is a manual check of previous landlords or property managers to verify residence, payment, and other tenant-related concerns. One of the best ways to find tenants likely to pay and care for the property is to ask previous landlords. The tenant background check is a beneficial verification. Having conducted a rental background check can save landlords from unnecessary annoyance and help you make a better moving or shifting decision.

Volunteer Check

Peopltrail offers this service as a low-cost alternative for non-profit and volunteer organizations. This screening solution can determine a pattern of criminal behavior and identify any past sexually-related offenses. This check is specially designed for individuals that might work with children or other vulnerable groups. The Volunteer Check searches many databases including the Department of Corrections, state, county court records, and sex offender records.

If you need more information about our employment history verification services and processes, fee free to associate with our experts.