Executive Background Check & Screening for C-Level/Senior Employees


Your company's brand is the most valuable asset you have. Do not put that at risk by ignoring executive screening. The higher the employee's position, the more detailed the executive intelligence review should be performed. Get an executive background check for your high-ranked employees and secure your business assets.

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Executive Background Check & Senior Level Executive Screening is a more extensive check specifically designed and executed for high profile employees.

Many leading companies and government organizations hire Peopletrail® to provide executive-level background and screening solutions with efficiency, quick turnaround, and insight they know they can trust. We have served private, public, and non-profit organizations in their executive screening needs.

Types of Executive Screening for executive positions

Executive positions get exposed to sensitive data and secret information your company might be carrying for the future. We at Peopletrail offer a detailed and extensive executive intelligence screening for such high ranked employees.

Executive intelligence is necessary

Your company’s brand is represented by your high-profile employees when it comes to clients, media, shareholders, and other personnel. These employees also enjoy access to the most sensitive personnel data, financial records, and growth or expansion plans for the future. Thorough background screening is vital with such high visibility.

Peopletrail executive intelligence solution is specifically designed for organizations that require a more thorough and exhaustive background check for certain employees in high risk or high-profile positions. We bring the human touch to reports. A specialized research analyst will be responsible for compiling detailed data and delivering an easy to understand overview of key elements of your candidate’s personal and professional history.

Our executive intelligence product can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Make smart hiring decisions with utmost confidence
  • Hire the best high-profile candidates from the available talent pool
  • Reduce the risk of making bad hire decisions
  • Protecting your reputation and brand

Almost every HR department considers executive hiring a challenging task. This is because these candidates are unique in their experience and have strengths, unlike regular employees. They also require a soft glove approach during the recruitment process. Peopletrail offers exhaustive background checks for executive employees because we understand they are capable of influencing change at your organization’s core functioning.

Executive Background Check & Executive Screening - Peopletrail®

Peopletrail offers specialized executive screening services

Organizations looking to recruit senior figures face the challenge of hiring someone with flair, passion, and creativity. The candidate needs to be inspirational with enough business experience to make sound business decisions. It takes confidence, trust, and unwavering belief in a candidate’s ability to place them within the organization’s core.

This is where Peopletrail comes in to make your life simpler. Whether you are hiring from outside or promoting from within, we offer specialized and industry-specific background checks to help you make confident and wise hiring decisions. Our unique approach allows our clients to mitigate hiring risk while appointing a new senior team member.

Executive employees represent the company brand and also have access to various types of sensitive information about the company, personnel, future plans, vendors, and high-level materials. While employees at all levels can cause significant harm to a business, a wrong step in the form of theft, fraud, or embezzlement among others by someone at the top could ruin a business reputation, gain unwanted media attention, and shatter shareholder confidence.

Peopletrail offers a consistent level of due diligence by helping organizations verify identity, previous employment, and education history. Our processes are flexible and can easily accommodate any types of background checks you want to be conducted.

Going the distance

Executive background screening from Peopletrail offers better results compared to internal background checks. This is not true for only executive positions, but for all job roles in the organization, including entry-level candidates. Your HR department can only do so much. With Peopletrail as your background screening partner, you can uncover additional and relevant information.

Where executive hires are concerned, it is not enough to dip into their criminal background or financial history. You need to know their strength of character, integrity, and personal viewpoints. All this can be revealed through an exhaustive and systematic background screening. For instance, the first level of background screening is usually identity and information verification.

Peopletrail reports will let you know whether the information provided by the candidate is true and accurate. This can help you select the best available talent. We don’t focus on processing massive quantities of substandard employees. Instead, we provide the information to let you hire the best option from the available talent pool.

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Hire professional investigators

The depth of executive intelligence checks conducted by Peopletrail is more than checking boxes on a standard form. We are professional investigators with decades of experience. We understand that background screening for executive position candidates is different from regular background checks. You need to conduct a thorough background check to mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong person.

A single bad hire decision at that level can jeopardize entire operations and place your business at risk. While your HR department may be able to reveal the tip of the iceberg information – when it comes to executive positions, you need to dig deeper. There is no one better than a professional background screening company, such as Peopletrail to get this done for you.

We will access civil and criminal records whether domestic or international at multiple levels – state, federal, county, and local. We will also scour other databases, such as sex offender registries. You can ask for a prohibited party’s check, which will rule out chances of accidentally hiring a terrorist threat or someone capable of other heinous offenses that have a global impact and an intimate reach.

Protect your brand with Peopletrail

High profile screening offered by Peopletrail can protect your brand and help you hire people who portray an accurate image of your brand. Senior-level employees are technically the face of your company. With so much riding on a single employee, you should have a complete picture of a candidate’s background.

At the same time, you don’t want to offend a potential hire by brazenly scouring their past. Peopletrail understands the sensitive nature of executive background screenings and uses tact to uncover relevant and useful information. We help you do what is right for your company, shareholders, customers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders by providing enough information to make a confident hiring decision.