Employee Identity Checks

Identity checks are an essential part of the hiring and onboarding process, which lets you know exact information about the hiring person. An identity background check is an essential tool to verify the employee information needed to move forward with the hiring decision.

New Hire Identity Background Checks Are Vital

Identity verification or identity checks can help ensure that the applicant you are hiring is exactly who they claim to be. Peopletrail identity checks are detailed and thorough. They can give you peace of mind by knowing that you are making a wise hiring decision. After all, if a candidate is ready to fake their own identity, imagine the lengths they can go to.

The main purpose of identity checks is to determine whether the candidate is being completely honest with you and on their resume. You may want to reconsider your hiring decision if they are not.

Identity checks are also vital to maintaining the safety of your employees and the security of your brand. These checks go a long way in reducing the risk of being sued over negligent hiring. Identity checks usually offer essential information required to move forward with the recruitment process.

Types of Identity Checks

Sometimes HR managers confuse identity verification with SSN validation. Identity verification is different from social security number verification. An SSN check may tell you if the person's identity matches the requested SSN but it will not confirm the identity if it did not match the SSN. The identity checks cover a variety of verification types. See below

  • Person's name check
  • Person's DOB Check
  • Address verification
  • Social Security identity
  • Social Security Fraud Alerts
  • Criminal record history
  • Social Media Identity
  • Reference checks
  • Drug verifications
  • Drivers record check
  • Credit verification

Personal identity

This search provides consumer-identifying information obtained from non-credit-report sources. This report will assist in validating the applicant’s social security number, name variations, DOB, current and previous addresses. Identity variations may include aliases, maiden, and misspelled names or names of consumers who have changed their identity.

This search helps uncover any possible identity and resume fraud by revealing name variations and historical addresses. These discrepancies are invaluable in discovering additional jurisdictions and names to search when ordering criminal history profiles. Often applicants try to hide criminal backgrounds by not listing areas of residence where a conviction occurred or sometimes commit crimes traveling through jurisdictions other than their residence.

Social security fraud alert

Fraud Detection Service alerts you to potentially fraudulent activity found in the social security number and address information. It instantly recognizes warning signs such as Social Security numbers recorded as deceased, non-issued, out of range or invalid; cautions, and high-risk addresses. This search helps uncover any possible identity or resume fraud by revealing name variations and historical addresses.

Social security identity

A social security search can further confirm application information. This search provides consumer-identifying information obtained from non-credit-report sources.

Get started with identity checks

Peopletrail identity checks are thorough

We verify the following information of an applicant in addition to anything specific you want to be checked:

  • Social Security Number
  • Legal Right to Work Status
  • Full name
  • Aliases
  • Date of birth
  • All addresses, current or past

Identity checks do not include information about a candidate’s financial or criminal history. Peopletrail identity checks can be vital to protecting your business and keeping your employees safe from candidates that are dishonest and untrustworthy. Our checks are thorough and dedicated to revealing any information that a potential candidate may try to hide.

Our state-of -he-art technology allows for a social security trace that provides supplemental information as well. For instance, you can get address history to conduct additional searches on a candidate. Identity theft is rampant, and you want to be certain that a new hire is exactly who they claim to be.

Conducting proper and exhaustive background checks could be vital to avoid potential lawsuits. Identity verification is one of the first steps you should undertake to alleviate concerns of mistaken, misappropriated, and outright stolen identity.

Peopletrail balances security with speed

There are several types of identity checks. We like to ensure that your organization remains safe without unnecessarily wasting time on lengthy recruitment processes. We can advise you on the best course of action on the basis of your industry and needs. Our industry-specific solutions allow us to offer the most accurate and comprehensive results in the shortest period of time.

We offer flexibility in our processes so that you get results faster that are always in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. We procure information from a variety of sources, formats, data inputs, and channels. Being flexible allows us to adjust the process according to the level of risk.

We can optimize rule sets to offer customized performance by delivering the best match to your particular needs. Peopletrail makes this possible with years of experience in the background screening industry. We perform identity checks at the speed that you want them delivered without compromising security or compliance.

The only way you can offer a delightful onboarding experience is if we get the background checks out of the way quickly.

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Global identity background checks

The world is becoming a small place. We are the background screening company you need if you routinely hire from other countries. We offer several global background checks, including identity verification. Identity verification is a critical starting point in the background screening process. If this is carried out incorrectly, the credibility of the entire process is at risk.

Peopletrail offers identity verification in over 200 countries. We have dedicated partners in several countries that match our aim and purpose to navigate local laws and sources. This allows us to ensure that your organization always stays compliant with rules and regulations. We don’t just offer accurate results, but make sure they are delivered in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our user-friendly platform allows clients to navigate easily and seek the information they require quickly. We use passport verification tools for candidates that do not possess a US SSN. We also try verifying government-issued identification cards for candidates that are being recruited from other countries.

Choose Peopletrail for your background screening needs

Peopletrail allows employers to be more confident in their hiring decision. You can use the information provided by us to make sure that a potential candidate is exactly who they claim to be before making the offer. We provide convenient and affordable solutions that are flexible enough to match your needs.

Peopletrail is PBSA certified. This means you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your organization’s background screening process is in good hands.