FCRA Compliant Global Background Checks

Employers looking into the background of an employee or a potential hire are required to comply with the provisions laid down under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Peopletrail stays up to date with all screening regulations and is knowledgeable about local laws in over 200 counties regarding background screening.

Peopletrail provides a wide selection of screening services in over 200 countries across the globe. We work to ensure our global providers follow government policy and cultural protocols.

Are you looking to extend your workforce globally? We help you go through the international screening process with a smooth experience. Our global screening program enables you to achieve hiring consistency throughout the globe. Our international screening services are contingent upon the local employment laws, culture, and the language of the designated area.

Global Screening

We help businesses conduct background checks while remaining compliant with federal domestic and international laws. We understand that each country has unique circumstances and documentation to verify credentials and run criminal checks. Peopletrail solutions are quick and accurate. We have a robust network of credible local vendors to speed up the process so that you can bring new hires onboard quickly.

Peopletrail is accredited and recognizd

Expansive multinational coverage

Peopletrail can help if you have decided to extend your workforce beyond US borders. The top reason for international background screening is to create a safe workplace and improve employee security. You can make more sound hiring decisions by knowing in advance about a candidate’s violent or criminal history. Second chances are always high, but only when you know what you are getting into.

We offer actionable information to help managers make wise and confident hiring decisions based on job-specific requirements, organizational risk tolerance, and industry regulations, among other factors. Peopletrail offers robust multinational background screening. We have a strong presence in over 200 countries and offer several different types of background checks.

We offer the most expansive and comprehensive multinational criminal record coverage, along with other screening. Our strength lies in providing flexible packages to large and mid-sized businesses allowing them to check for things that are most relevant and important to them. You can get in touch with us for our industry-specific solutions as well. Our 20+ years of experience allows us to offer reliable, accurate, and exhaustive background screening reports.

Types of Global Background Checks

Global Education Check

Peopletrail can verify educational documents in over 200 countries to ensure their authenticity and accuracy. Our reports will include information about a candidate’s claimed education, start and end dates, graduation date, majors studied, and training, degree or certification obtained.

Global Criminal Record Check

We have a dedicated team for conducting criminal record checks on a global level. Our international criminal record checks contain information about a candidate’s criminal history. We carry out Sovereign Jurisdiction check, Federal Criminal Search, Statewide Criminal Search, City Police Records, National Criminal Repository (NCR) & Sex Offender Search, and County Criminal Court Search. We also check Civil Reports and International Watch List for possible matches.

Global Employment Check

Peopletrail offers international employment checks to verify whether a candidate’s prior work history is what they claim it to be. We will directly get in touch with Reporting Managers and HR to verify the candidate’s job title, responsibilities, tenure, performance, salary claims, rehire eligibility, and reasons for separation. We will also check for any specific information you want. Peopletrail has a custom set of questions you can use for us to ask or provide your own unique questions for us to ask during our employment check. You can count on our local country specialists to reach out to individual employers for the best possible reach in over 200 countries.

Global Reference Check

Our global reference checks involve verifying references provided by the candidate. We rely on our trustworthy local experts to carry out these verifications so that you get to make confident hiring decisions. Reference checks also allow you to hire capable candidates who can handle the job responsibilities that come with a given position.

Global Identity Check

We have the required resources and expertise to verify the identity of an applicant based on their government-issued documents, such as identity cards and licenses. We check for authenticity and accuracy. This ensures that each candidate is honest about their identity. This also helps you hire candidates that are not going to be a risk to your organization.

Global Driving License Check

Our global driving license check looks for license type, license number, name, address, status, vehicle identity number, and driving records. Our reports are comprehensive and easy to understand. You will be notified of any irresponsible behavior, like repeated traffic violations, road accidents, unpaid fines, or similar things, in case the applicant has such a history.

Global Court Record Check

Our international network of experts helps us retrieve court records, which include major civil lawsuits, bankruptcies, disputes, and criminal records of applicants. Our global jurisdiction record check reports contain information about the case type, file date, and plaintiff/defendant. We retrieve information from public record index as maintained by the specific country’s court, or government authority.

Global Sanctions List Check

Peopletrail can check International Sanctions Lists to verify whether the candidate has been banned or barred by trade or financial regulators and law enforcement bodies. This check is useful in ensuring that the candidate you hire is allowed to work in the United States and in your industry.

Global Financial Regulatory Check

Financial regulatory checks are designed for organizations operating in the financial or banking sector. This particular check can help you verify whether a candidate is suitable and complies with relevant Financial Conduct Authority Guidelines.

Global Credit History Check

Credit history checks do not reflect a candidate’s credit score. Instead, it gives you information about tax liens, bankruptcies, debts, loans, collection accounts, and other similar things. A credit history check can help you understand whether or not a candidate is financially responsible. These checks reflect whether a candidate is honest and accountable to their fiscal obligations.

Global Social Media Search

Social media search helps in identifying the candidate’s attitude, personal beliefs, character, and moral turpitude. This check can also reveal media coverage received by the candidate on social media which may impact their ability to carry out the job role and responsibilities.

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