Accurate Volunteer Background Screening

Almost certainly, a volunteer background check will include a criminal history check. To find out whether an applicant or volunteer has a criminal past, a nonprofit organization may have access to state and federal criminal history repositories.

Volunteer Background Check & Non-Profit Screening

Peopletrail® sets a high standard for its volunteer background check. The background check for volunteers we offer are multi-usage. They secure the area where volunteers work, increases productivity and job efficiency. Most of the time, its the charity and non-profit organizations that screen volunteers and employees so that they can meet their organizational benchmark in customer support and productivity.

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Why is a volunteer background check important?

To understand how critical the background check for volunteers is, you will have to look upon the cost of not screening your volunteers. Due to technology moderation, non-profits are now able to integrate themselves with the popular screening companies at a very affordable price. The increasing accessibility factor intrigues a non-profit to hire a background screening company. The liability involved with background checks not being conducted is very high.

Although volunteers aren't paid employees on non-profit organizations, they are the face of your brand. You can't afford to look negative in public opinion. Another reason for conducting volunteer background checks is to know if they have done a similar job before. Despite not paying, you will not want an incompetent volunteer entering your workflows, resulting in time and efficiency losses. Volunteer background screening also reduces your management risk factors.

Volunteer background screening accredited by the PBSA®

Our PBSA accreditation and association with the industry-leading organizations establish a strong foundation with ongoing resources for us to maintain the honor of being the credible leader in the background check and screening service industry.

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Industries served for volunteer background screening

  • Education - Whether it is an elementary, middle or high school, we provide a safe environment when adult volunteers are recruited in private or non-profit organizations.
  • Healthcare - Patient safety is kept priority when recruiting healthcare volunteers.
  • Sports - While recruiting a volunteer coach or athlete, ensure the safety of your youth and team members with a volunteer background check.
  • Public Service - Make sure the public is safe when managing volunteers for public service projects.
  • Youth Development - Screen the mentors, troop leaders, coaches, and other adults while youth development activities.
  • Religious Organizations - Screen individuals with affiliations to religious organizations.
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Background checks included in volunteer screening package

Criminal Check

A criminal background check is one of the most important screenings for any industry. They are more critical for volunteers since they tend to work with vulnerable segments, such as aging populations or young children. Peopletrail can provide a comprehensive criminal report that includes information from the county, state, and nationwide criminal databases.

Sex Offender Registry

Peopletrail checks the Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website Registry (NSOPW) for real-time listings of registered sex offenders. The database offers current and complete reporting of conviction in 50 states.

Identity Verification

You can enjoy a layer of added security whether you are a nonprofit or a charity by knowing that your volunteers are exactly who they claim to be. You don’t need to be worried about candidates submitting fake government-issued identification or social security number.

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Motor Vehicle Checks

These records are important if the volunteer would be operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle for your organization. Peopletrail offers comprehensive driving history for three to five years from each of the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Employment and Education Verification

Our employment and education check involves verifying whether the volunteer submitted a true work history and education. We get in touch with previous employers to ensure all candidate information is correct. Our employment verification services offer information on previous job positions, the role played, a period of employment, and reasons for separation. We also verify whether the diplomas and degrees listed on the resume are valid and from reputable or accredited schools.

Drug Tests

Your organization can attract negative publicity if your volunteers are drunk or taking drugs while representing your brand. Several volunteer managers rely on Peopletrail to ensure that illicit drug users or alcoholics do not find their way into the group. Drug testing can eliminate and deter substance abuse while on the job.

Social Media Checks

Social media screening is necessary for nonprofits when it comes to selecting a volunteer. It helps in revealing both positive and negative information about a potential candidate. Social media searches are usually carried out for volunteers just before they are brought on-board. This ensures there is no bias in the selection process.

Credit/Financial Checks

Financial checks help by showing the complete picture of a candidate’s credit history, excluding their credit score. It reveals public record information and other essential selection factors that are generally included in other volunteer screenings. You can gain insight into your volunteer’s sense of financial stability and responsibility. These are useful in reducing the risk of theft, fraud, and other white-collar crimes.

Peopletrail offers the highest quality background screenings for volunteers in all industries. We also excel at providing accurate results in quick turnaround time. Our proprietary technology sets us apart from our competition when it comes to uncovering pertinent information.

Why Choose Peopletrail?

Quick Results

Volunteering is a fast-paced world. You don’t want to lose a beneficial volunteer that can add to your purpose by waiting around for a cumbersome background check. Peopletrail understands that and offers quick turnarounds for all industries. We are known for delivering results in record time so that you can make critical hiring decisions with confidence and speed.

Simplified Reports

Peopletrail reports are designed in a simplistic way so that you can interpret results at a glance. Our reports are color-coded to reflect the criteria that matter the most. This service is just one of the ways Peopletrail sets itself apart. Saving you time is how we show our customers that they are our number one priority.

Accurate Reports

At Peopletrail, we use state of the art technology and database access as well as public records and court researchers to uncover crucial information. We double-check everything to minimize errors and ensure the best hiring decision.