Smart Background Checks for Extended Workforce

The extended workforce includes vendors, contractors, consultants, alliance partners, and contingent workers that participate in an employer’s everyday tasks.

Why do you need extended workforce screening?

The extended workforce screening eliminates any risks involved within your contingent employees. Screening non-employees working for your company will increase a sense of security and safety amongst the teams. Some vendors also require the extended workforce to be screened. It is needed to ensure trustworthy relationships.

Temporary employees often work at supervisory or managerial positions. They have to handle critical projects and lead a team of talented people. There it is of utmost importance that they go through a thorough background check. When you streamline the extended workforce screening with your regular employee screening, it makes life much much easier for your department.

An extended workforce is the combination of people who provide their skills and expertise to your business but they are not employees of the organization. These workers may not be directly involved with the key operations but their credibility and experience have to be tested and verified to ensure work proficiency.

Background Checks for Your Entire Extended Workforce

Peopletrail allows organizations to screen their extended workforce as if it was their own. You can go above and beyond basic drug testing and criminal checks with Peopletrail to ensure a safe working environment for all contingent employees. You may be enjoying a false sense of security without screening your vendors, contract workers, and interns.

This is especially true if they are routinely in contact with employees, other vendors, and customers or work products. It is essential for cleaning companies, staffing firms, and other similar third-party vendors to have the same level of screening standards as you have for your permanent staff.

Peopletrail’s extended workforce screening makes this possible. Our process is simple, straightforward, and seamless. Your vendor just needs to set up their screening program with us and we will ensure that they follow all your prescribed protocols. With us taking care of your extended workforce screening, you can be confident in the knowledge that your information and people are safe.

HR departments are prone to assuming third party vendors and workers have already been screened. It is not enough to blindly trust your vendor to conduct the background screening process. Even if they actually manage to conduct the check, there is no guarantee they are screening for information you find relevant and necessary.

Reduce hiring risks

Every employee you hire or every worker that carries out a job for your organization introduces risk to the entire company. It is necessary to screen your extended workforce, including temporary workers, independent contractors, and professional consultants. Peopletrail helps organizations reduce or mitigate workforce risk by offering comprehensive extended workforce screening solutions.

Without conducting your own screening, you are allowing an unknown third-party vendor to determine your background screening criteria. Allow Peopletrail to streamline your workforces’ screening needs to help reduce potential risks.

Achieve background verification consistency

Different vendors will have different screening needs. You don’t know if a particular worker has been screened according to the parameters that your company finds relevant and important. For instance, you don’t know whether the cleaning crew that is responsible for the executive floor has undergone thorough financial background checks.

Generally, the top floor contains sensitive information, some of which may be financial in nature. Anybody can pick up documents and walk out exposing you to risk. Peopletrail solutions can help ensure that every worker for your organization is thoroughly screened per your needs.

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Quick and Accurate Results

Peopletrail allows you to combine regular employee screening with extended workforce screening. This allows for a streamlined process that reduces the burden on your HR department. Our flexible approach also ensures that only those services are carried out that are considered important by you. This allows us to offer results quickly in the shortest possible timeframe. We also undertake fact-checking to ensure that every report is of the highest standard and completely accurate.

Recommended checks for your extended workforce

At Peopletrail, we believe background checks should extend beyond your permanent employees. It is necessary to screen your extended workforce – drivers, contractors, vendors, and others to protect yourself from liability. More than 75% of substance abusers are employed with companies that offer third-party services to other organizations, such as drivers and cleaning crew.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 90% of drug users change their jobs more than three times a year because of work-related issues and that work product theft is responsible for the failure of 30% businesses in the US.

To prevent this from happening to you, we have shortlisted a few recommended services. It is important that you don’t risk your corporate image. Our extended workforce screening solutions are flexible and usually tend to include:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Civil records check
  • Financial records screening
  • DMV records
  • I-9 and E-Verify

Our Peopletrail solution seamlessly integrates with your organizational screening needs to deliver a better experience.

Why Choose Peopletrail?

Peopletrail extended workforce solutions can help organizations determine whether their contingent workers and vendors meet their employment screening standards. We have a simple yet thorough and useful process that can be completed in a short time frame.

It is critical that you don’t allow any unnecessary gaps in your background check programs because of the tidal shift in the nature of extended workforce employment. There are several reasons for retaining our services. We can help you:

  • reduce the risk associated with contingent workers
  • achieve greater consistency throughout your screening program
  • ensure your vendors are in compliance with your screening standards
  • consolidate multiple management programs into a single and simplified screening solution
  • simplify the expansion and implementation of your extended workforce screening solution
  • attain clearer accountability of your extended workforce

A recent study found, that 36% of the workforce employed in a managerial capacity across a wide range of industry verticals were hired in a contractual capacity. The employment landscape is continuously evolving. This is making it even more necessary to screen your extended workforce. An increasing number of contingent workers are performing critical and sensitive tasks.

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