What does work verification mean?

Employment verification is when a company investigates the info provided on the employee’s resume and compares it to the given facts from the actual source. Employment verification searches for discrepancies in the past employment history of the employee. Questions asked would include the employment dates, position, reason for leaving, and sometimes the amount they made.

How do I verify employment?

The information provided by the employee is used to contact the employer. Phone calls to the human resource department or the manager, a third-party verifier, or email are the methods utilized for the search. Once a reputable source confirms the information provided, it is verified. The employment dates and position would be the main factors that need to match.

How do you verify job history?

Employment history is verified through the same venues as the employment verification, except it would go further back to cover seven years. The information provided would be checked to make sure everything matches up. It is essential to contact the person who is responsible for that department when verifying employment over the phone.

What is an employment data report?

Employment data reports allow the employee to request a copy of the report, so they can see the information their old employer is providing to the new employer.  The report would have information on income and deductions, worker compensation, medical and dental insurance, employer, employer address, and the paycheck info.

employment data report
Employment Data Report Form – Equifax

How do I get my data report?

There are three ways to get a hold of your employment data reports through THE WORK NUMBER: logging in online to the employee section of THE WORK NUMBER and requesting online, filling out the employment data reports request and mailing it, or call and request it at 866-604-6570.

Learn more about employee screening services for your business.


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