National Criminal Background Check

Peopletrail's national criminal background check for employment covers a wide range of details. We help you investigate the criminal history of individuals and organizations. Whether you are hiring a new employee, a candidate is applying for a residency or a professional license at your company, criminal record checks make the process safe and secure. Not only is our background check is comprehensive and accurate, but we are also quick to provide you with the results in less than the average industry time frames.

Peopletrail Clients

5 reasons you should be conducting a criminal record search before hiring?

Our screening specialists manually search through jurisdictional court records in any of the more than 3,347 counties in the United States. These records quickly provide the most up-to-date information. These cases held at the county level include information about felonies, misdemeanors, and criminal traffic offenses.

Records at the federal level potentially uncover criminal information not prosecuted or recorded at the county or state level. This information can include securities and tax law violations, immigration, and weapons charges.

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We offer a certified Criminal Background Check for Employment

At this moment, only less than 3% of the entire consumer reporting agencies in the United States are PBSA® certified. We are happy to tell our clients that Peopletrail® is among them. We help our clients stay compliant with state and federal screening regulations. 

What is included in a Criminal Background Check?

  • Criminal and civil record checks
  • Driving records checks
  • Drug testing
  • Verification of employment
  • Verification of education & professional licenses
  • Reference checks
  • Registry checks (such as sex offender and child and elder abuse lists)
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
  • Export Denial List Search
  • Patriot Act Searches (terrorist watch lists)
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search and other healthcare sanction lists
  • Financial Industry Checks (including SEC filings, FINRA and Federal Reserve Sanctions)
  • Credit History (note – one’s credit score is not included in a pre-employment screening report)
  • Accessing the FBI’s criminal database system when mandated by law

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