Volunteer Background Check & Non-Profit Screening

Peopletrail® sets a high standard for its volunteer background check. The background check for volunteers we offer are multi-usage. They secure the area where volunteers work, increases productivity and job efficiency. Most of the time, its the charity and non-profit organizations that screen volunteers and employees so that they can meet their organizational benchmark in customer support and productivity.

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Volunteer background screening accredited by the PBSA®

Our PBSA accreditation and association with the industry-leading organizations establish a strong foundation with ongoing resources for us to maintain the honor of being the credible leader in the background check and screening service industry.

Why is a volunteer background check important?

To understand how critical the background check for volunteers is, you will have to look upon the cost of not screening your volunteers. Due to technology moderation, non-profits are now able to integrate themselves with the popular screening companies at a very affordable price. The increasing accessibility factor intrigues a non-profit to hire a background screening company. The liability involved with background checks not being conducted is very high.

Although volunteers aren't paid employees on non-profit organizations, they are the face of your brand. You can't afford to look negative in public opinion. Another reason for conducting volunteer background checks is to know if they have done a similar job before. Despite not paying, you will not want an incompetent volunteer entering your workflows, resulting in time and efficiency losses. Volunteer background screening also reduces your management risk factors.

Industries served for volunteer background screening

  • Education - Whether it is an elementary, middle or high school, we provide a safe environment when adult volunteers are recruited in private or non-profit organizations.
  • Healthcare - Patient safety is kept priority when recruiting healthcare volunteers.
  • Sports - While recruiting a volunteer coach or athlete, ensure the safety of your youth and team members with a volunteer background check.
  • Public Service - Make sure the public is safe when managing volunteers for public service projects.
  • Youth Development - Screen the mentors, troop leaders, coaches, and other adults while youth development activities.
  • Religious Organizations - Screen individuals with affiliations to religious organizations.
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What to expect?

Here is our short, 6-step onboarding process after you request information for our volunteer background check services.

Stage 1 - 3-5 Minute Phone Call

Stage 2 - Discovery Appointment

Stage 3 - Proposed Solution

Stage 4 - Demo

Stage 5 - Contract Negotiation

Stage 6 - Post Sell

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