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We provide comprehensive employment screening solutions to nearly every industry.

Employment screening is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many Industries and businesses have particular requirements to meet federal laws and your company’s standards.

Background checks for all industries

Offering comprehensive solutions to the most selective industries

Peopletrail has some of the most fastidious clients in several industry verticals. We are a global background check firm offering strategic accommodations to employers who need compliance and accuracy in their background check programs. We offer tailored solutions with the right amount of flexibility and speed to meet your needs.

You can count on Peopletrail to deliver background check services based on your industry needs, whether it is sports, insurance, or construction. We believe in offering safety, reliability, and speed at affordable prices. Count on us to offer a full-service background screening that meets all your needs in the US and 200 other countries.

Ultimately, your business’s custom problems require custom solutions. This need for individualized attention is the reason we place people in the process. The human touch is one of the core values that we strive to bring into every interaction. We don’t just spit out data—we are committed to providing the personal insight your business needs to make the best employment decisions.

Making the right employment decisions comes from information that is not only accurate and timely but also relevant. Our screening specialists ensure that you always secure and apply the most vital information towards building a safe workplace. The following is a list of the major industries we represent and the standard solutions we provide. Find your industry and then let us know how we can best fit your business.

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Invest in the Best with Industry Specific Solutions

The human capital of an organization is its biggest asset. We ensure that you have all the necessary research and background information to invest in the best. We can help you make the right hiring decision by offering relevant information about potential candidates. Our packages are tailor-made to adhere to the specific needs of individual industries.

We believe in being compliance-focused to help our client protect their business. You can count on us for regulatory compliant background screening services that are designed specifically for employers in the US. Our solutions are built according to the unique needs of individual industries and to offer accurate and fast results.

Why Peopletrail?

  • Comprehensive background verification solutions across several sectors and verticals
  • Modernistic and state of the art technology backed services
  • Trusted by over 20,000 organizations in the United States
  • Strong global presence in over 200 countries to carry out quick and intensive checks anywhere in the world
  • The convenient report retrieval process
  • Excellent turnaround times with best in class service quality
  • PBSA accredited consumer reporting agency
  • 5% client retention rate


Find your industry!


We offer employment screening for the construction industry. The construction industry is under constant demand to fill positions quickly and at the same time....


Financial service organizations use Peopletrail for our trusted, timely, and accurate financial background checks and screening solutions. With our....


Peopletrail understands the unique needs of the hospitality industry.  Your employees interact directly with cash flow and customers each and....


Athletics have the unique opportunity to positively influence the passionate people involved both on and off the field. The caring people behind athletic....

Property Management

The dedicated screening specialists at Peopletrail help you with your tenant screening needs. Not only do you have a vested interest in renting to tenants....


Safety in schools is paramount to cultivating a productive learning environment for all students. Maintaining integrity and respect in education means hiring....

HR & Staffing

Human Resources and Staffing professionals have specific challenges when implementing employee screening programs. Along with finding....


Charitable organizations, churches, or schools all rely on volunteers to get the job done because volunteers help maintain the integrity of your organization. At....


Peopletrail delivers customized insurance screening solutions that are unique to the your industry.  We provide you with best practice information that will keep....

Customized Solutions

Many leading companies and government organizations hire Peopletrail® to provide background and screening solutions with efficiency, quick turnaround, and insight....


Businesses that provide transportation need customized screening solutions to keep your drivers and fleet moving safely and productively...


Local, state, and federal government entities depend on Peopletrail to provide employment screening and government background checks....


Patient safety should always be a top priority for professions hiring in the medical industry. Keeping on top of ever-changing regulations can be a daunting....


Peopletrail understands the unique needs of the retail industry to mitigate risk, reduce employee turnover and ensure that there is safety in all your stores. Our proven....

Why Choose an Industry-specific Background Screening Company?

You can enjoy background screening services that are specifically catered to your industry. You can be sure that the background check company is compliant and will not miss anything important. You may also get relevant advice from a background screening provider that has experience offering services for your industry.

Background screenings cannot be treated as a one size fits all approach. For instance, financial services require a more robust background check including civil records, consumer credit history, and education verification, which is not required for transportation or a manufacturing candidate.

In the same vein, driver’s history may not be important for a candidate applying for staffing or an IT post, but it is vital to a transportation job. This makes it paramount that you retain the services of industry-specific background check providing companies.

Peopletrail conducts industry-focused searches for your prospective candidates so that you do not have to worry about tardy or incomplete results. As a skilled background screening company, we understand your needs and requirements regardless of the industry you are in. We deliver customized, fast, and accurate results you can base your hiring decisions on.