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Background Screening in the Financial Services Industry

Financial services screening & background checks are critical. Hiring the wrong person for a financial services position could cost more than you think—especially if you’re a small business that doesn’t have the savings to mitigate a loss.

Protect Your Business and Brand

Peopletrail background checks can help you protect your data, business, and clients. There have been several high-profile incidents in recent years involving the financial industry that has attracted public glare and government scrutiny. The pressure on hiring managers has increased tremendously to employ knowledgeable, qualified, and ethical team members.

Financial Services Screening & Background Checks

Peopletrail understands the unique needs and requirements of the financial industry. We have tailor-made services to suit every business process. At Peopletrail, we like to combine our expertise in screening with the detailed knowledge of the finance industry to create customized solutions for protecting sensitive data and reducing various risks.

Critically sensitive data is handled daily by those within the financial industry. New employees need to be compliant with all regulations governing the industry and be dependable at the same time. Thorough identity verification and background screening can help you make informed decisions and protect your company. Peopletrail’s employment screening services will provide all the details you need to make the right hiring decisions.

Importance of Background Checks in the Financial Industry

You are responsible for guarding the savings, retirement funds, and income of relatives, family, and friends as members of the finance industry. You process the paychecks that people deposit every day and provide the capital that new companies require. Nothing is more important to financial organizations than protecting the trust they have with their clients and managing assets in the best possible way.

Financial institutions are experiencing increasing pressure on reducing exposure to embezzlement, money laundering, terrorist activities, and accounting fraud among other similar activities. Peopletrail can create an effective background screening program that allows you to combat these threats.

Financial Services Screening & Background Checks

The financial service industry has been subjected to the highest employment screening regulations in the past few years. New and existing employees in financial organizations are required to undergo careful screening to stay compliant with FDIC guidelines, USA PATRIOT Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and other government requirements. Peopletrail offers tailor-made and flexible packages for effective, efficient, and compliant background checks and screening solutions.

Financial service organizations use Peopletrail® for its trusted, timely, and accurate financial background checks and screening solutions. 

Type of financial services screening solutions

Background screening for the accounting and financial industry needs to be more detailed than other verticals. In addition to the sexual offender and criminal record search, Peopletrail recommends the verification of professional certificates and licenses and screening of NASD/SEC and Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC) sanctions lists.

These are a few services we highly recommend for financial organizations:

Education Background Check - Education plays a pivotal role in the new hire process of any organization. However, it is even more important in the financial services industry. We can evaluate the educational backgrounds of potential candidates and look for any discrepancies. This way you can select the best talent available.

Public Database Check - Financial sector is vulnerable to fraud and other issues. This makes it important to vet new hires and existing employees with a database background check. We can evaluate a candidate’s state record against public databases to make sure they do not have a history of criminal offenses and fraud.

Criminal Background Check - Criminal background check designed for the financial sector helps in ensuring that applicants do not have a past history of civil and criminal convictions. Peopletrail helps you select candidates with a squeaky-clean history and an honest past.

Residential Address Check - You need to have the address of potential hires vetted with residential address checks since they tend to work with sensitive information in the financial sector. We undertake thorough evaluations of current and permanent address through physical visits. The sole object of this background screening is to make sure that the applicant has a clean past.

Identity Check It is crucial to select candidates with proof of a valid identity in the financial services sector. We help in verifying the identity of candidates on the basis of their government-issued documents.

Credentials Check - You need to have all credentials of a new hire checked out to determine if any information provided was falsified. Our credential check helps evaluate the authenticity of professional certificates provided by the candidate. This includes CA, CS, CFA, and CWA among other certificates.

Credit History Check - The credit history of a candidate plays a major role in selecting the right candidate for any financial sector position. You do not want to hire a candidate with a poor credit score who may be tempted to pilfer sensitive information. Our credit history checks are based on careful scrutiny of tax liens, past bankruptcies, active accounts with open loans, and any negative accounts that were charged or paid off.

These are just a few financial services screening checks that we offer here at Peopletrail. You may want to consider other services as well, such as drug and alcohol screening for your new hires and existing employees.