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Local, state, and federal government entities depend on Peopletrail to provide employment screening and government background checks for sensitive positions. With the resources to search through multiple jurisdiction, Peopletrail provides a comprehensive check of your candidates for all levels of security. Our dedicated screening specialists understand the complexities of working with government entities.  Peopletrail understands the ins-and-outs of government and can help you manage operations and make the right hiring decisions.

  • Standard Packages Starting at $19.99 (Database + County Search)
  • Background Checks for corporations of all sizes.
  • 10 or more background checks per year.
  • Fastest turnaround times in the screening industry.
  • Integrations with 100+ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  • Depth of products serving a wide client base ranging in industry and company size.
  • Starts at $9.99 per Background Check
  • Background Checks for Individuals
  • Less than 10 background checks per year
  • Instant order, pay with credit card
  • Three packages to choose from (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Most-Preferred Background Checks in Government Entities

Drug Screening 

A detailed drug screening is done under SAMHSA certification and protocol. Be it a pre-employment screening or DOT, the process can be customized as per your requirements.

Motor Vehicle Report 

It majorly covers- home address proof, license status, physical description, license issues & expiry date, CDL status, DUI cases (if any). Information required to run MVR includes- driver’s license number, date of birth & state.

Employment Verification Check

It includes evaluation of an individual’s past work experience including- joining date, salary drawn, resignation reason & date, etc. For this, personal information like- name, ph. No, employer’s contact details are mandatory.

Education Verification Check 

This report is usually prepared within 1-3 days & includes- academic certificates defining specifications like- start date, certificate obtained date, area of studies, etc. information required for report- name, city, school/university, year passed out.

National Criminal Records Background Check  

This report discloses if the individual has been a registered sex or harassment offender or not. Research is done using- name, contact details, address. Usually, the report is handed over within 3-4 working days of submitting required details.

Pre-Employment Credit Report

A credit report is prepared on the basis of financial stability of an individual. The major highlights of this report includes- bankruptcies, collection items, tax liens, financial judgement potential, etc. To fulfill the purpose, basic personal information is requested on an initial stage

Social Security Trace Report

The SST report is prepared to determine the alias or maiden name, if the social security trace number is valid or not. The screening process is customizable depending on the purpose requirement. This report is usually handed over within 3-4 days.

Criminal County Background Check

The report contains criminal charges like- theft cases, if any. The details about such crimes is fetched through the personal information provided including- address, name, contact details, location, etc. This report takes at least 3-4 days to be filed & delivered.

Federal Criminal Background Check

Federal criminal background check is to investigate charges like- file dates, case number, disposition, convictions, etc. To file these details, information like- date of birth, location or address, social security number, name is mandatory.

Probably your mind is still curious for detailed information about government background checks. If this is the case, associate with our customer care department