Staffing Agency Background Checks


At Peopletrail, we provide HR & Staffing companies with the right resources for pre-employment background checks that safeguard your client's workplace so they can hire confidently, and eliminate negligent hiring. HR & Staffing Industry Background Checks Fact - 68% of HR professionals said they’ve had difficulty recruiting for full-time regular positions in the last 12 months, while only 50% reported this trouble in 2013, according to a recent SHRM report

hr and staffing industry background checks

Why are staffing industry background checks critical for HR firms?

74% employers, as per a 2017 CareerBuilder study, hired the wrong person for a job and 33% did this as a direct result of falsified credentials and qualifications. These findings highlight the need for staffing firms to dig deeper and vet candidates by conducting thorough background checks before placing them on assignments.

These are a few reasons why you should invest in background screening:

  • Prevents liability and legal trouble
  • Instills and deepens trust and loyalty
  • Protects your brand and reputation
  • Protects your client’s best interests
  • Helps with business acquisition

You have an obligation to your clients as a staffing firm. They look to you to fulfill their recruiting needs. Comprehensive employment background screening can ensure that you send reliable, qualified, and trustworthy candidates. This could help in attaining major payoffs for your firm in the long run.

Anyone familiar with background screening services understands that they help minimize the risk of making hiring mistakes. This is why Peopletrail offers comprehensive and flexible background screening packages for staffing and HR industries. Our background checks include drug screenings, employment verification, criminal background screening, credit reports, E-verify, and much more.

We offer comprehensive and accurate background screening results

We offer specialized solutions for the staffing industry. This allows us to focus all our resources on providing the most comprehensive and accurate results. We fully understand the consequences for your business and your reputation if we fail in delivering accurate results.

This has allowed us to refine our techniques and to double-check every single piece of information that is revealed in the background screening report. You can be assured that whatever background details we offer are absolutely accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Our high accuracy rates have enabled our clients to gain tangible benefits from our industry-specific services. These benefits come from our dedicated focus while conducting a background check. Peopletrail is an industry leader when it comes to providing comprehensive checks.

Faster results for easier talent acquisition

We understand that the staffing and HR industry can be really fast-paced. If you don’t pick up that candidate, someone else will. Good talent is hard to find, and you obviously don’t want to lose a potential candidate because of logistics. This is why we help all our clients make quick hiring decisions by carrying out the background screening in record time.

You don’t have to worry about slow-to-arrive reports with Peopletrail. Our expedited turnaround option allows you to conduct thorough background checks in the shortest possible time frame. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get the results you need.

The reason we can offer such timely results is that we have years of experience in the staffing industry. We know the process and can deliver the results quickly. Plus, we have developed robust mechanisms for delivering accurate background check reports within the shortest time frame.

Also, we don’t waste our efforts and your resources in carrying out checks that you don’t need. Our industry-specific knowledge allows us to advise you of the kind of screening types you need to make a conscious and quick hiring decision. Every activity we do is focused on satisfying your staffing needs.

Choose Peopletrail for 100% compliance

We fully understand the consequences of not being compliant. We also know the legal complexities of carrying out background checks. Every year dozens of firms get sued for not complying with background check legislation. You can protect your firm from these potential lawsuits by working with the experts.

We are committed to providing you with detailed background checks while complying with relevant and key legislation. This includes federal guidelines like the EEOC guidelines and federal legislation like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA). We also stay up to date with various local changes and have a deep understanding of “Ban the Box” laws.

Background Checks with Actionable Insight®

Recommended staffing industry background checks

Background screening can verify, reveal, and report a wide array of information. You probably work with several clients as a staffing firm. Each of these companies may have unique desires, needs, and hiring procedures that have to be followed. You may want to check your client agreements since most of them have a clause about the type of background screenings they require.

You should also read the liability insurance policy. Most policies tend to cover employee claims only when they were pre-employment screened. Based on our years of experience offering background check services to staffing firms, we recommend the following:

  • Criminal history searches
  • Social Security address
  • Employment verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Education verification
  • Credit report
  • Drug testing

DID YOU KNOW? Staffing is a $174B industry – and one of the fastest-growing industries in B2B services. There are over 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S., operating over 39,000 offices combined.


Why Hire a Professional Background Check Firm?

You can avail of a lot of information about potential candidates by performing in-house background checks at your staffing agency. However, when you need the process to be taken to the next level, you need to hire experts, like Peopletrail. We are equipped to conduct background verifications, and any other employment screening needs successfully.

Our qualified team of researchers will ensure that all key details are searched to keep each employer in compliance with hiring laws and maintain workplace safety.

We do not just stop at the first step of background screening. We offer comprehensive screening services to help you make confident hiring decisions. At Peopletrail, we take the necessary steps required to protect your business and allow you to send the right people on assignments.