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Background Screening is vital for the hospitality industry

Peopletrail understands the unique needs of the hospitality industry.  Your employees interact directly with cash flow and customers every day. The advanced technology integrated solutions and flexibility to customize screening solutions provide the hospitality and gaming industry with quick, trusted insight to make the correct hiring decisions.

The hospitality industry is changing

There have been tremendous changes in the hospitality industry over the past decade as the American economy embraces travel and adventure. Employees at hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other establishments have intimate contact with guests and their possessions. This makes it necessary to develop a level of trust between your guests and employees.

Complete background screening can be your first step towards this trust. Management often struggles with finding honest and reliable workers despite the hospitality sector having a high turnover. You can reduce attrition at your property and improve trust levels by hiring qualified and skilled workers. Peopletrail can carry out the verifications and background checks uncovering misstatements and inconsistencies on their resume.

Background verifications help you connect instinct with information so you rarely make a hiring mistake. Our comprehensive background checking services are designed to cater to all your needs and job positions.

Hire the right team to deliver the best

Peopletrail offers detailed and exhaustive background screenings because the hospitality industry is all about creating memories. The hospitality sector has a diverse spectrum of employees from different cultural backgrounds working under one roof as various spokes of the same wheel. It is the quality of each spoke that can uplift or destroy your establishment. It can directly impact your guest’s stay, the integrity of the property, and the functioning of other units.

Whether a guest is looking for an overnight stay or an extended weekend, they expect a welcoming environment, friendly staff, clean room, and other amenities. Essentially, they want to feel at home even if it is just for the night.

Your team can make or break your business. Hiring the right employees that are suitable to work in the hospitality sector and are thoroughly vetted by a background screening process allows your guests to feel safe, well-attended to, and welcome. And, when guests feel great, they don’t mind leaving great ratings!

Peopletrail offers reliable background screening to help you make informed and wise hiring decisions.

HRO Today recognized Peopletrail® as the leading provider of background checks and pre-employment screening services for 5 consecutive years.

Peopletrail – One-stop solution to all your background screening needs

From boutique hotels and small B&B’s to major international chains, everybody struggles with finding the right employee for a hospitality job position. Interviewing someone and realizing that they have the necessary skills and personality to do the job is one thing – but you need to ask yourself if that person will ensure your guest’s safety?

Are they putting on a great show to hide something from their resume and work ethic? Are they even capable of delivering on the promised skillset? Screening potential employees is a major way for resorts and hotels to make responsible hiring decisions.

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Peopletrail offers hospitality sector-specific pre-employment screening and background check service to help reduce the likelihood of facing a criminal or negligent lawsuit because of dangerous or unscrupulous employees. We offer all due diligence procedures to verify an applicant’s employment history, their identity, and qualifications.

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Recommended Background Checks

For Management Level Positions

  • Professional References
  • Social Security Address Confirmation
  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Employment Credit Check
  • E-Verify & I-9 Verifications
  • Motor Vehicles Record Search

For Service Workers

  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Social Security Address Confirmation
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search
  • E-Verify & I-9 Verifications
  • Sex Offender Search
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Addressing unique challenges of the hospitality industry

Hiring and recruitment challenges faced by employers in the hospitality industry are unique and different from other verticals.

A critical component is a constant interaction between staff and guests. The quality of service offered will pivot on the way guests are treated by the employees.

A single bad hire can ruin your establishment’s reputation and cause several negative ratings to show up in various media. Also, you could face troubles on another front if you operate your business as a franchisee which requires strict standards of employee behavior and conduct.

These are serious challenges for recruiters, which only exacerbates during the peak season when seasonal or temporary workers are hired. The pressure of filling positions quickly during these seasons cannot come at the expense of not conducting background checks. Peopletrail understands these issues and offer accurate results in the shortest possible timeframe.

Why Partner with Peopletrail?

Peopletrail has been in the business of providing employment screening for numerous industries for many years now. We have helped over 20,000 companies make confident hiring decisions based on sound information.

These are a few ways we can help you as a background screening provider:

Full Compliance

At Peopletrail, we like to stay ahead of any and all industry changes, including screening guidelines. We are always in full compliance with employee screening standards, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You can count on us to adhere to state, local, municipal, and federal level guidelines.


Every business has unique needs in the hospitality sector. While we offer pre-bundled packages based on our recommendations, we also allow our clients to pick the services they need. This makes background checks relevant, affordable, and quick. Choose Peopletrail if you want a provider that caters to your unique needs with tailor-made packages.

Fast Results

Recruitment in the hospitality industry needs to be done quickly. No business can afford to have job positions left open, especially when it comes to service staff. Our years of experience offering industry-specific solutions have allowed us to streamline our background screening process. Also, we have ready access to almost all relevant databases making our turnaround times much faster.

We offer quick turnarounds for situations where a staff member suddenly quits or an unexpected spike in business necessitates the hiring of more workers. There is no room in such cases for long-drawn-out verification and screening processes. Peopletrail can complete the necessary screening processes in the shortest possible time frame so that you can reach employment decisions quicker.