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Addressing hiring challenges faced by the insurance industry

The insurance industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. This has created the need for a growing workforce that is unskilled, but honest, ethical, and trustworthy as well. While it can be difficult to find the right personnel to fulfill your staffing needs, it can be even more difficult to have them vetted in time.

You may want to skip the entire background screening process to hire a candidate before some other company picks them up. But, hiring someone without verifying their credentials and checking their professional and educational history may lead to hiring someone that is not qualified to represent your company. You may just have to let them go and start all over again.

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Getting stuck in the recruitment cycle is time consuming, costly, and prevents your company from achieving its staffing goals in a timely fashion. You can reduce the number of hiring cycles by making confident choices based on sound information provided by background screening processes. Peopletrail offers some of the best background screening packages designed for the insurance industry. You can also customize a package based on your organization’s unique needs.

We have been performing these screenings for over 20 years now and serve many large insurance organizations throughout the nation. We have a deep understanding of the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act and various State Regulatory Laws and make sure that your company always remains compliant with these screening standards. Peopletrail has demonstrated extensive expertise in developing and executing screening programs for agents, temporary service workers, and other employees.

Don’t take unnecessary hiring risks

You could be looking at multiple recruitment issues by hiring someone without vetting them first. You could make the mistake of hiring someone without the necessary qualifications, credentials, or experience. Pre-employment background screening is an important part of talent acquisition before you extend an employment offer.

Peopletrail confirms identities, verifies licenses, criminal records, and past employment history. We check various databases and notify you of any discrepancies or derogatory Information. You can get to know more about an applicant’s financial history by requesting a detailed credit history. You have a duty when it comes to protecting your employees and clients from unscrupulous people. Background screening is just one of the ways you can make that happen.

Insurance personnel routinely come into contact with people, whether it is the sales department or the claims department. They are also privy to sensitive personal and financial information. When clients call their insurance agents, it is safe to assume that many have endured a painful or difficult experience. They should not have to work with someone who may exploit their vulnerable state. Peopletrail helps you attain the information to make sound hiring choices.

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Recommended background screening services for the insurance industry

The insurance sector has job-specific regulatory and industry requirements. By hiring trusted employees, you ensure compliance with these provisions. These are a few background screening services that we recommend for making wise hiring decisions.

Professional License Verification

License requirements for insurance agents vary from one state to the next. Certain job positions also require unique professional licenses and credentials. We can check and verify licenses and credentials in all 50 states. You just need to tell us your specific hiring criteria and we will develop an affordable and effective solution to match your needs.

Criminal Record Search

Employees in the insurance sector are relied upon by stakeholders and clients to conduct themselves in a reliable, professional, and trustworthy manner. Foregoing a detailed criminal background screening could come back to haunt you in many ways. Peopletrail conducts criminal record searches at multiple levels – state, county, federal, and local.

Employment Verification

You need to hire candidates that have demonstrated job success with their previous employers if you want to create an effective workforce. Peopletrail offers pre-employment verification checks to confirm an applicant’s previous employment history, including the job position held, job role, employment period, and reasons for leaving. Our checks are designed to ensure that a misleading or lying applicant does not get a position at your organization that they do not deserve.

Reference Verification

Good employees are persistent, unrelenting, and knowledgeable. You need to verify their individual references to ascertain whether an applicant has these qualities. Peopletrail helps you hire trustworthy employees to save you money and time in carrying out re-recruitment drives. Our reference verification process involves checking out a candidate’s reference to ensure their authenticity.

Providing theActionable Insight® you can trust.

More recommended background screening services

  • FINRA Broker Check
  • SEC Enforcement Actions & Litigation Releases
  • Social Security Address Confirmation
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Credit Check
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Drug Testing
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search
  • Sex Offender Search

A good offense is a smart defense

It is important to carry out detailed checks in an applicant’s background before hiring them. You may want to reconsider a job offer if you find something suspicious. Background checks are even more important in the insurance industry. Peopletrail can help you make the right hiring decisions with industry-specific screening solutions.

We have been providing our clients with accurate, detailed, and quick reports for millions of applicants. We use an experienced and highly trained in-house team to gather financial, criminal, and other background information for each applicant that you provide. We are well-versed with the screening compliance standards and regulations in the insurance sector. You can rest assured that everything will be done in compliance and as securely and quickly as possible.

Peopletrail has access to several proprietary and public databases at multiple levels. We can search county, local, state, and federal databases to unearth information. We also have access to international databases in over 200 countries. We can easily verify information, search criminal records, and reveal poor credit history, falsified documents, or driving records among other products. You can count on Peopletrail when it comes to finding pertinent information about your candidates.