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Volunteer Background Checks

Charitable organizations, churches, or schools all rely on volunteers to get the job done. We help maintain the integrity of your non-profit organization with fast and accurate background checks.

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At Peopletrail, we want to help support the integrity and reputation of your organization by promoting a safe environment for those you serve. Find reassurance with customized volunteer background checks and screening solutions including:

  • Premier screening tools ideal for volunteers and employees who serve insensitive, vulnerable populations
  • Affordable access to public record databases and county criminal searches
  • Dedicated screening specialists who customize a screening solution specific for your environment

Safer Communities with Comprehensive Background Checks

Organizations relying on volunteers use the Peopletrail platform to hire safe volunteers. Whether you are a church or a sports organization, we can help you make the right staffing decisions. Many nonprofit organizations tend to turn to Peopletrail to lower costs and lighten the hiring workload. We also help you stay compliant with screening standards and create a safer community for everyone involved.

Our background checks help organizations remain compliant with the several screening standards and legislation relevant to the nonprofit and volunteer industry. Illegal background checks can lead to lawsuits and class actions especially if they were in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some nonprofits have had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements.

These lawsuits can result in dire consequences for a nonprofit. For starters, the negative publicity alone could tarnish your organization’s name and severely impact donations and fundraisers. And, if the lawsuits are credible, the financial settlements may become too expensive to bear.

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Mitigate risk with the Peopletrail difference

Peopletrail helps volunteer organizations to improve their safety standards with fast and accurate background screening processes. Our products are designed to keep the ongoing safety of your cause in mind. You can use our services even after hiring a candidate to ensure they are exactly who they claim to be.

Our technology-savvy solutions and tools don’t just speed up the screening process, but it also reduces human bias. We are always up to date with the latest compliance changes to help you avoid any risk while ensuring that you have the necessary information to make fair staffing decisions.

Lower costs & increase operational efficiency

The world becomes a much better place when you find suitable candidates for a position. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t think twice before fudging or falsifying their credentials and qualifications, even for a volunteer position. Bringing on an unskilled candidate could slow down the entire process.

You may also need to relieve them of their duties and start a new recruitment process. Peopletrail offers extensive verification services that allow you to prevent just that. Our background screening services help you hire the best talent available who are honest and trustworthy.

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We believe in your mission and have one of our own

Peopletrail is one of a kind background screening company. We work hard for better workspaces and a better future. We have the tools and solutions to allow organizations and nonprofits like yours to improve talent acquisition.

We start by believing in your mission which allows us to enjoy renewed energy in helping you make the best hiring decisions possible. Our background screening processes helps ensure that all qualified candidates have a fair chance to volunteer at your organization and that you have the necessary information to pick out the best from the crowd.

When you work with Peopletrail, you can be sure that the background check is designed specifically for your needs and compliant with all standards and legislations. We are cost-effective and provide fast and accurate results. We also recognize the unique challenges faced by the nonprofit sector. You need thousands of contractors, employees, and volunteers at a moment’s notice. This is why Peopletrail offers industry-specific solutions to make sure that the job gets done.

Why vet volunteers?

The majority of nonprofits consider background screenings to be an unnecessary encumbrance. They assume that they don’t need to bother with checks because they are hiring volunteers. Many even believe that a comprehensive check may keep volunteers from joining their ranks. After all, why alienate someone with background checks when they are willing to invest time and effort, for free?

You should vet volunteers and every other employee at your nonprofit to mitigate risk and create a safe environment for everyone involved. Background checks, unless done sloppily, rarely ever discourage anyone from volunteering for something they truly believe in. In any case, you do not want someone that is hiding something to volunteer for your cause.

In fact, many people feel safe working alongside volunteers that have been thoroughly vetted. You may encourage serious and trustworthy volunteers with rigorous background checks and screenings. Besides this, another major reason for conducting background checks is to ensure the recipients of your organization’s services enjoy maximum security.

Most nonprofit organizations tend to deal with sensitive population segments, like orphans, children, elderly and vulnerable communities. By not screening the people who work for your cause, you could be exposing these vulnerable people to sex offenders and criminals.

Helping non-profits hire the right people

Peopletrail provides nonprofits access to the country’s largest criminal databases. We have a strong network of partners and providers in over 200 countries for international background screenings. Nonprofits like yours don’t just partner with Peopletrail because we are a leader in our field. They partner with us because we won’t rest until we find a screening package that best suits our customer’s needs and meets their requirements.

Nonprofits need a comprehensive and detailed background check that is true to their mission and purpose. They should be performed for the safety of everyone involved in the organization as well as the general public. All checks must be carried out in compliance with regulations, especially the FCRA. Above all, the screening process should be fully customizable and serve the distinct needs of each organization.

This is where Peopletrail comes in. We have a deep commitment to ensuring that every organization gets the right fit for their screening packages. This is why we have designed bundles serving the specific needs of Churches, charities, camps, youth programs, and social clubs among others.