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Retail Background Checks

Peopletrail understands the unique needs of the retail industry to mitigate risk, reduce employee turnover, and ensure that there is safety in all your stores. Our proven ability to provide quick turnaround to hundreds of store locations, with insight to help make the right hiring decisions, makes Peopletrail a perfect solution to the retail industry. Dedicated account managers will customize a solution and help address the challenges facing your industry.

Specialized screening packages for the retail industry

The retail sector has a high turnover rate because of low pay and benefits combined with menial and repetitive tasks. Additionally, employees find their lives to be difficult with the frequent schedule changes and few opportunities for advancement. Part-time retail employees have the highest turnover rate in the United States. This makes it imperative for you to conduct a thorough background check on all your employees.

This will help you sift through the available talent pool to find the best candidates that fit your needs and requirements perfectly. Our specialized retail screening packages will help you scrutinize an applicant’s background and verify information in a cost and time-efficient way. Hiring competent candidates is imperative to protecting your brand reputation. A singly misguided hire can wreak havoc on your operations and customer loyalty.

Your employees are your brand’s champion from safe cash handling to customer service procedures. Peopletrail can help you choose the most qualified and honest employees for your business. Employee theft, fraud, and workplace violence are increasing at an alarming rate in the retail sector regardless of what an organization sells. You can protect everything from warehouses to the sales floor by hiring employees that are screened for a history of a criminal record.

Providing theActionable Insight® you can trust.

Peopletrail offers screening solutions to some of the largest names in the retail industry. Our years of experience have allowed us to understand the various existing challenges and find ways of combating them. Our screening solutions can help you select the best quality candidates to mitigate loss prevention risks and positively impact inventory shrink.

The National Retail Federation released a report outlining the impact of background screening in the retail industry after surveying over 96 retail and restaurant companies. Nearly 96.6% of retailers admitted to using background screening as part of their recruitment process. Peopletrail has designed industry-specific packages for the retail industry to suit unique needs and job positions.

Recommended background screening options for the retail industry.

We recommend a combination of the following background screening and verification processes for all workers of a retail organization:

  • Criminal Records
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • I-9 Verification
  • Sexual Offender Database Searches
  • Drug Testing
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We recommend these additional screening processes for workers that may be driving while on the job or candidates being hired for the management-level position:

  • Employment History Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Driving Records

Offering retail-specific solutions


We offer background screening and verification processes that are designed specifically for the retail industry. You can count on us to understand the compliance needs of your sector and to deliver results accordingly. Here are a few highlights of some of our retail screening products:

Education Background Check

Educational background verification is a critical component of the background screening process in the retail sector. Hence, Peopletrail offers thorough education background checks to uncover discrepancies and other potential red flags. This allows you to recruit the best available talent.

Criminal Background Check

It is necessary to select candidates that have clean backgrounds free from convictions and misdemeanors in the retail industry. This is why we offer comprehensive criminal background checks encompassing multiple levels – federal, county, state, and local. Many times we can find if an individual has a history of retail theft from their previous employers. We scrutinize all civil and criminal convictions associated with an applicant to ensure 100% accuracy in the shortest possible time frame.

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Identity Check

There is direct communication with customers in the retail industry. This makes it necessary to verify the identity of potential candidates before making the employment offer. Peopletrail carries out background verifications to assess whether the government-issued documents provided by an applicant are valid or not.

Drug Screening

Most employers in the retail industry have a strict no alcohol and drug abuse policy since employees routinely come into direct contact with customers. Peopletrail offers comprehensive drug testing which involves an analysis of blood and urine samples with laboratories ONLY that have been certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Employment Background Check

Employment verification is necessary before hiring a candidate, especially when your hiring decision is based on their experience and credentials. Peopletrail offers an all-inclusive employment background check service to verify the past professional life of a candidate. Our checks involve the designations held at previous employment, job responsibilities, employment period, and reason for termination among other things.

Instant Credit Report

At Peopletrail, we recommend all our retail industry clients to conduct a credit history check of potential candidates, especially when hiring for a management level position. Our credit reports are in adherence to applicable state law in the US and include seven to ten years of bankruptcies, delinquencies, credit history, payment history, collection actions, and defaults. This background check will help you select the best candidate that is free a from suspicious financial record.

Reference Verification

Reference verification is important in the retail segment since the candidate selected will be interacting directly with customers. Professional reference verification offers an insight into the candidate’s attitude towards work, interpersonal skills, job skills, weaknesses, strengths, punctuality, and other work ethics. Our reference verification is quick and can be completed within 24-48 hours.

Civil Records Check

Peopletrail offers civil records checks so that you can verify whether an applicant is involved in any form of non-criminal dispute, including property, money, and contractual disputes. You can find information about civil suits from various courts, such as municipal, district, circuit, chancery, and small claims courts. We have access to databases across multiple jurisdictions in the United States. By evaluating the results of a civil record check, you can also assess the candidate’s character.