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Teacher Background Check For The Education Industry

Universities, schools, and other educational institutions need to safeguard the lives of their students and other faculty members. You would be surprised at the creativity of some applicants when it comes to exaggerating or outright lying on their transcripts to make a better impression. For the education industry, teacher or faculty background check is vital for numerous reasons.

Peopletrail can provide the necessary information for you to make a conscious and confident hiring decision. Specific examples of faculty or teaching staff background checks in the education industry include:

  • Screenings for primary and pre-school teachers
  • Secondary school instructor pre-employment screenings
  • Private tutor screenings
  • University and college professor screenings
  • Credentials verification for educators at all levels
  • Drug testing for medical school personnel

Be confident to hire your candidates

Safety in schools is paramount to cultivating a productive learning environment for all students. Maintaining integrity and respect in education means hiring the right faculty, staff, and supporting the workforce. Build a safe learning environment with an admired reputation with the necessary education or teacher background check and screening solutions from Peopletrail. At Peopletrail, we help all our clients make educated hiring decisions based on fast and precise results. We want you to be confident in your candidates and the people you hire, whether it is a professor or a janitor. Confirm the quality of your candidates by working with us.

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Did You Know? 

It might be good to site the reference here for these statistics.  Where did they come from?

  • 90% of educational institutions in the United States conduct criminal background checks
  • 85% of organizations in the education field have found fabrications and lies on candidate resumes
  • 67% of education institutes carry out education verification
  • 91% of education institutes carry out criminal background checks

Background check and screening services recommended for the education industry

Peopletrail offers an eclectic mix of background check services for the faculty and teaching staff as well as the education industry. Solutions that we recommend are:

Educational Background Check: Education verification plays a pivotal role in the final selection of candidates for any institute, whether it is a high school or university level. You can verify internships, training programs, and certification courses with the help of our background checks.

Public Database Check: We help you ensure that a potential candidate is free from any financial fraud or criminal records through a thorough evaluation of proprietary and public databases.

Criminal Background Check: Criminal background checks allow you to make wise hiring decisions. We carry out comprehensive verifications at multiple levels to reveal all past criminal and civil records.

Employment Background Check: Our employment or teacher background check provides details of the professional history of a candidate. Our screenings encompass a wide range of employment periods, previous designations, and reasons for termination, among others to validate claims made in the resume.

Providing theActionable Insight® you can trust.

Residential Address Check: Address verification checks ensures that a candidate has a clean and incident-free history. We many times will send researchers to physically visit the applicant’s current and permanent address.

Identity Check: Identity checks hold high importance in the education industry. We offer comprehensive evaluations of identity claims made by a candidate by verifying their government-issued documents.

Reference Check: Reference background check allows for verification of the skillset acquired by a candidate with their previous employers, including the responsibilities that came with the job role.

Alcohol & Drug Testing: It is imperative for teachers, professors, deans, and other faculty members to be sober around students. Drugs and alcohol tests through reputable laboratories help in verifying whether potential candidates have a history of substance and alcohol abuse.

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Offering Screening Solutions for the Entire Faculty

The safety of students is the biggest responsibility of an educational institution. Faculty or teaching staff background checks are the first step towards this endeavor. Peopletrail understands the vital position held by teachers and other members of the staff and the role they play in shaping young minds.

Our background screenings include making comprehensive inquiries into a candidate’s criminal record and prior employment history. We can also check the DOJ sex offender registry, conduct education verification, and verify identity.

You can use our services for the following auxiliary staff members:

  1. Administrative Staff

Secretary and other office staff are required to keep an education institution running smoothly. Their job responsibilities give them unbridled access to student records and other proprietary offenses. Our administrative staff background screenings include identity verification, sex offender database check, and criminal background check to uncover any undesirable past activities.

  1. Maintenance and other Staff

Staff members such as maintenance personnel, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers have regular contact with students. They should undergo the same standard of verification as teachers. Peopletrail background checks ensure that the candidate’s name matches their social security number. We also search for sexual offenses and prior felony convictions, while complying with FCRA guidelines.

  1. Faculty and Teaching Assistant

Faculty members and tenured professors have high profile access to students and other faculty. Screening these individuals upon hire and advancement can keep your liability risk low and a major PR nightmare’s at bay. Teaching assistants offer valuable services even though they do not possess the credentials of lead teachers. Peopletrail background checks can reveal past inappropriate behavior and criminal convictions for the faculty or teaching staff that may establish the aide unfit to be around children.

Experience the Peopletrail Difference

You need to know for sure that the professors, teachers, and other educational staff you are hiring are being honest about their identity, previous employment, and educational qualifications. Peopletrail lets you do just that in a quick, efficient, and affordable way.

We can help you verify whether a candidate was actually the high school valedictorian they claim to be or not. In addition, we have the necessary resources to verify criminal records, educational qualifications, and previous employment, even if they were completed overseas.

We have a strong network of international background providers in countries with a language barrier. These providers are credible and reliable and help us obtain all the relevant information as required.

These are a few ways we can help you make wiser hiring choices:

Comprehensive Background Screenings

Our thorough background checks take a deep dive into the potential candidate’s qualifications and credentials. We access various databases to reveal information about their employment history, identity, and criminal record.

Affordable Solutions

Peopletrail offers a cost-effective alternative to having your HR team waste precious time and resources in sifting through hundreds of applicants. On top of this, you do not want to be caught in a compliance nightmare by snooping in the wrong place.

Meeting Compliance Standards

Peopletrail offers industry-specific solutions. We know how to get the information you need without breaking any law or getting your organization into legal trouble. You do not want your HR team violating FCRA, EEOC, and/or state privacy laws.