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The dedicated screening specialists at Peopletrail help you with your tenant screening needs.

Not only do you have a vested interest in renting to tenants with a great credit score, but you also want to be sure that your community stays safe by renting only to those who have no criminal or sex offender history. Background screenings are about community safety and protecting your investment.

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Peopletrail can help you foster a sense of safety in your community. Having an understanding of your renters can prevent financial loss and damages that may come when renting to those with a sketchy past. We provide tenant screening, as well as a wide variety of tests that can help authenticate your renter’s background before they unlock the door on your property and enter your community.

Tenant screening for property management companies

Peopletrail offers a robust and dedicated tenant screening solution for apartment complex managers and property management companies. We personally get in touch with previous landlords of a tenant to ensure that all information provided is accurate and that there are no red flags. Our industry-specific packages for property management companies include criminal record searches and credit reports as well.

We are unlike other screening companies and don’t shy away from asking an exhaustive list of questions to verify a potential tenant’s rental history. You can significantly reduce issues with rent collection, eviction actions, and property damages by screening prospective tenants. All landlords should think of background screening as an unavoidable part of the due diligence that needs to be undertaken before accepting a tenant.

Tenant screening background checks offered by Peopletrail can be a great way for property management companies to uncover real information about prospective tenants in a quick and efficient way. We have the necessary resources to offer any information that may help you make a better leasing decision.

Benefits of partnering with Peopletrail®

At Peopletrail, we believe in reporting quality content and information and uncovering all red flags in the shortest possible time. These are a few reasons for doing business with us:

  • Every report is scrubbed and reviewed by trained professionals before quality delivery
  • Access to various proprietary and public databases
  • All data sources are regularly checked for accuracy
  • Adverse information and red flags are always double-checked for accuracy
  • In-house random auditing by quality control staff
  • Two decades of experience in dealing with fake and fraudulent references
  • Rapid turnaround without compromising quality

All tenant screening firms are not the same. You want to hire a screening and verification provider that holds the same interests as you in screening tenants – to find reliable tenants that will live up to the terms mentioned in the lease, will pay rent on time, and treat your property with respect.

Comprehensive tenant screening solutions

Tenant screening allows for easier rental decisions. Peopletrail screening reports offer the insight property management companies require to rent their properties. We help invested parties get a clear picture of their tenants with comprehensive background checks. Peopletrail goes above and beyond the minimum checks that are carried out by rental agencies. Our background checks are focused on providing you with information on whether a tenant is the best fit for your property or not.

We will find all red flags that may expose you to risk as a landlord while vetting prospective tenants. Our credit, identity, reference, and criminal checks are carried out in record time while addressing the various challenges faced by property management companies. We will even conduct a financial background check to ensure they have the capability to pay their rent on time. Peopletrail has access to private and government databases to uncover potential threats, like criminal records and terrorist links.

Our analysts will physically get in touch with a tenant’s past landlords to expose any red flags and to ensure if the tenant has a history of taking care of the property and paying their dues on time. Peopletrail offers a cost-effective and robust tenant screening process.

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Peopletrail Solutions for Property Management Companies

We recommend the following checks before accepting a tenant to ensure the safety of your property and other tenants.

Tenant Scorecard


The Peopletrail Tenant Scorecard is a simple, powerful recommendation tool for property managers and landlords.  It provides an automated means to quickly and efficiently analyze the credit, criminal, and eviction history of applicants and then generate a “pass”, “fail”, or “conditional” recommendation based on customizable screening criteria.  The Peopletrail Tenant Scorecard can help improve decision turnaround time, reduce delinquency rates, and increase bottom-line margins.


  • “Pass” / “Fail” / “Conditional” recommendation for each report.
  • Scoring criteria can be easily customized for each property.
  • Credit criteria can be configured based on the „type‟ and „date‟ of certain credit elements, as well as income-to-rent ratio, income-to-debt ratio, bankruptcy history, payment history, collections/charge offs, and credit score
  • No software to install. Enjoy seamless integration with our Peopletrail screening system.
  • Accurate, automated, and objective scoring recommendations reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination.
  • Integrated data sources provide virtually instant results.
  • Multi-state criminal and eviction database checks are available.
  • Instant credit data is available from all three bureaus.
  • TruSecure certified system.
  • Tenant Score-card’s low price gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Behind the Scenes

The Peopletrail Tenant Scorecard is designed to provide maximum flexibility to each property manager.  This, coupled with the highly customizable Peopletrail system, allows the manager to tailor each Scorecard to each property.  Credit data is seamlessly integrated and available from all three bureaus.  Criminal data is available instantly from multi-state databases.  Additionally, more in-depth, manual searches can be configured with the scorecard to provide the ultimate in assurance.  Likewise, both instant and manual eviction data are available for consideration.  Future enhancements under development include improved handling for multiple applicants and in-depth management reporting features.

Peopletrail Tenant Scorecard provides the most powerful and simple means available by which to score applicants.  The combination of comprehensive data sources and customizable scoring criteria means property owners can decrease delinquency and increase profitability.

Providing theActionable Insight® you can trust.

National Sex Offender Search

Sex offender case information can be analyzed in an easy to read the report by our Multi-State Sex Offender Registry search. This report includes pictures of the sex offender to validate their identity from state agency databases. It may also include links to the jurisdiction website for more information on the nature of the offense.

National Criminal Records Search

National criminal records search is made at a federal level. You can learn about probation and prison sentences, history of offense, and other convictions, felonies, and misdemeanors. Our national criminal records search includes data from County Courts Data, National Sex Offender Database, Global Homeland Security Database, Administrative Office of the Court, Department of Corrections, Traffic Court, and Department of Public Safety. It also includes information from state agencies' proprietary offender data.

Eviction Search

You can ask us to carry out an eviction search nationwide or in a particular state. We use a comprehensive eviction database to offer statewide and national searches. Generally, this information is not part of credit reports. Our search encompasses the various stages of the eviction process, so you will find more than final eviction notices. Eviction notices should be considered an important information factor to be analyzed before making a rental decision.

Landlord References

Landlord references are similar to employment verifications. We call previous landlords to verify various pieces of information, such as the move in and out dates, dates of lease, did they pay as agreed, did they leave after giving proper notice, were they late in paying dues, and anything else you would like answered.

Credit Report

Peopletrail can provide a detailed report of the prospective tenant’s history, with the current credit score if you want. We ensure our clients never breach any compliance or privacy rules. This is why we offer credit checks that follow the provisions set forth in Title 28 Privacy Act, local and state applicable laws, Freedom of Information Act, and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).