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Is a Social Media Background Check Critical?

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Why Social Media Background Check is a critical element For Background Screening?

Who would have wondered that a social media background check would become a necessity one day? Today, social media has become an essential element of our everyday life. When scouring through applications and determining which applicants to interview, it is useful to consider whether an employer should scan the social media profiles of applicants as well.

Is Social Media Background Check Critical?

The core objective of the companies is to ascertain whether the applicant is a good fit for the position and to uncover any basis on which they should avoid hiring someone.

How to perform a social media background check?

For employers that are taking into consideration the inclusion of social media checks as part of the background-check process, here some suggested steps.

Responsibility of HR staff

It may not be appropriate for a direct supervisor or manager to check the social media profiles of their subordinates. A social media background check should strictly be conducted by HR professionals or an experienced pre-employment background check service provider. Such professionals are qualified and understand what to look for during the review process.

Consistency is Key

It is critical to ensure that the human resource expert is examining everyone’s social media profiles (or nobody’s) when hiring for a definite job description. Laying strict guidelines and policies is a key factor to ensure consistency and fairness. For instance, you can devise a policy that requires the HR team to look at social media accounts when hiring for associate-level positions.

Performing a social media background check for every employee can be a daunting process. Therefore, putting down specific guidelines can make the process simpler.

Utilize Public Accounts for Screening

HR professionals must scan only such social media pages that are accessible to the public. It’s grave professional misconduct to ask for an applicant’s social media passwords. Requesting someone’s password is also an offense in many of the states.

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Provide Proper Guidelines to the Background-Screening Service Provider

As a business, if you are planning to hire an outside firm to carry out social media background checks for your applicants, then you must understand their course of action and what they look for throughout the process. Setting clear guidelines for them that fit firmly with your company’s policies is crucial as well.

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In which situation is social media background check beneficial?

Certain job roles were evaluating an applicant’s online presence might be valuable are:

  • Manager of public relations
  • In-house social media strategist
  • Graphic designers

Employers must be cautious while researching a prospective candidate on Social Media, especially if it’s not job-related. Taking a quick look at their LinkedIn work experience or professional recommendations is absolutely fine. However, for the majority of jobs, taking a sneak peek at the candidate’s Instagram selfie from a few years ago may not be ethical or appropriate.

Final Word

Choosing a trustworthy and responsible employee is not an easy task. For this reason, it is advisable to hire skilled pre-employment screening service providers. A more meticulous social media check — particularly the one conducted through an established company can present an insightful understanding of the candidate’s history.

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