Peopletrail® is aligned with many highly respected, well-known Applicant Tracking and Property Management Systems. These strategic partnerships provide you with access to expanded service options, improved product performance, and reduced overall costs. Our integrated partners are key to our ongoing growth.

Our advanced standardized gateway (API) and simple guidelines allow us to be highly flexible and adaptive when supporting or integrating with various communication standards and formats.  We will continue to build a respected partnership resulting in improved efficiencies that simplify and streamline the recruiting and hiring process.

Let's Build a Partnership!

We thrive on partnerships at Peopletrail. Over the years, we have invited many trusted companies to build a partnership with us. It is because of our partnerships that Peopletrail has developed strategic relationships of trust with our diverse network of companies. This network of companies allows us to reach the collective goal of leveraging our strengths to provide improved services at reduced costs.

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Our Integrated Partners

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In addition to the respected companies and ATS software above, we have integrated with many custom-proprietary systems built by employers and property management companies for themselves.  Contact Peopletrail today to learn more about partnership opportunities.  Or fill out the build a partnership form and a Peopletrail Partnership manager will get back to you.