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Keep informed on your personal information. By attaching an online background check with your resume, give yourself a better chance to get hired. Filing a rental application, attached a clean financial record for landlord approval. Applying as a security guard or a babysitter, get your instant check done online in minutes. Stay on top of your personal information and live a confident life.

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Who Needs a Bronze Check?

  1. Volunteers.
  2. People applying for non-profit jobs.
  3. Baby-Sitters/Nannies.
  4. Security Guard Jobs.
  5. New dating couples.
  6. Sports Coaches to check sex offender registry.
  7. People who want to verify their basic identity and share it with a person or organization in an official document.
  8. Curious Interviewees who want to learn what employers see in their background reports.

Who Needs a Silver Check?

  1. Tenants / Landlords
  2. Regular Job Applicants verifying employment and reference data.
  3. Financial job-related candidates who need to show their good credit.

Who Needs a Gold Check?

  1. Executive Job Applicants such as CEO/CMO/COO etc.
  2. Board of Directors.
  3. International Job Applicants.
  4. People who want to show proof of a clean criminal record for any reason over a certain period of time.
  5. Investors before they file their applications.