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AI-Powered Social Media Background Check

Use our thorough social media check to identify employees and candidates that have exhibited undesirable behavior online by analyzing both text and images from a subject's social media profiles.

social media background checks

How important is social media background screening in today's digital scenario?

Almost every candidate you come across will have a sizeable imprint on social media. This is in the form of numerous accounts over several platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. These social media accounts serve as a valuable resource for gaining information about an applicant’s attitude, beliefs, and behavior. You can learn a lot about checking a candidate’s social media activity.

However, the sheer depth of this information makes it necessary to use the services of a background screening company like Peopletrail. It can be difficult, and in some situations even illegal, to dig for information about a potential candidate online and base hiring decisions on that information. It can be very easy to commit a legal mistake if you are unaware of compliance rules and regulations.

Professional background screening services, like Peopletrail, can help you remain compliant while attaining necessary and relevant information about a candidate’s behavior and beliefs.

Reveal behaviors such as hate speech, bullying, violence, harassment, and much more about your candidates.

  • FCRA and EEOC compliant Reports.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your candidate's public posts using artificial intelligence.
  • Analysis of 7 years of public posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Why Partner with Peopletrail?

Our endgame is to make sure that all our clients get a complete picture of their candidates through their social media accounts. We ensure that any information we deliver is accurate and actionable.

Social media checks need to be FCRA compliant. You cannot simply dash over to a potential candidate’s social media accounts and hunt for information. This is where a professional social media screening provider, like Peopletrail, comes into the picture.

social media background checks

Benefits of Social Media Background Screening

  • Reduces turnover costs
  • Minimizes the risk of toxic hire
  • Protects your brand and reputation
  • Mitigate workplace safety risks
  • Ensures the company's cultural fit

We offer the following benefits of doing business with us:

Legal Checks

You can protect your business from lawsuits by using our legally sound background screening processes. We have 20 years of experience as a background checking company and make sure that no protected information is every accessed. This includes the candidate’s ethnic background, race, gender, and sexual orientation among others. Such information can be illegal to inquire or base a hiring decision upon.

Actionable Reports

Peopletrail is known for conducting the most detailed, exhaustive, and thorough checks to provide actionable information to our clients.


All our background screening processes are FCRA compliant. We also follow other relevant and applicable state, federal, and local legislation while carrying out social media background screenings.

Flexible Services

Our services are customized to fit your unique industry vertical and organizational needs. We understand that your organization has unique needs and it is our goal to deliver exactly what our clients need. You can count on us to provide you with screening services that are crafted specially to your needs. In fact, we can deliver the final report in a format that is required by your HR department.

Multi-Platform Checks

We have the necessary bandwidth and resources to check all possible social media platforms currently available. You can count on us to go beyond the more popular options, like Tumblr, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If necessary, we can cover even the lesser-known social media platforms.

Thorough Investigations

Nefarious candidates are usually the best at covering their social media tracks. The favorite trick in the book is to create multiple accounts under several different names. It can be difficult to detect the complete truth without detailed investigations. Peopletrail has the necessary tools for conducting these exhaustive social media screenings. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive review of your candidates.

Things we look for in a social media background check

While we offer customizable solutions and can look for factors that you want, we usually recommend the following metrics. Our screening report has five core factors that we feel are the most useful to organizations while considering the recruitment of an applicant. These are:

Professional Misconduct

Professional misconduct refers to situations where an employee behaves in a manner that is considered unacceptable by the organization or inappropriate professional settings. For instance, this could be vocal and vicious criticism of an employer, humiliating co-workers, and abusing colleagues among other things.

Discriminatory Behavior

This refers to posting online comments or belonging to groups that are discriminatory in nature against individuals of a particular gender, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, political orientation, or any other category. Under this metric, we look for sexist, racist, and xenophobic posts.

Illegal Behavior

Social media can unravel tremendous amounts of information about a candidate’s life and habits. Illegal behavior involves things that are considered illegal in the real world. This could refer to sharing child pornography or consuming banned substances, like ecstasy.

Violent Behavior

Certain online posts can indicate a violent nature or behavior. We look for posts or online shares where the applicant encourages, engages, or extols violent behavior. For instance, sharing graphic video content wherein a man is being beheaded could be considered violent in nature.

Sexual Behavior

This refers to online behavior which is sexual in nature and not acceptable in the real world. For instance, they may post pictures and videos that are pornographic in nature of them or other people. This also includes posting out of context semi-nude and nude images.

Peopletrail offers social media background checks at an affordable cost. We’ll provide a customized quote for your specific business needs

Bulk discounts, premium services, ATS integrations, and add-ons are available.