Landmark National Officiating Survey

Unprecedented data collection from the NASO National Officiating Survey, sponsored by Peopletrail, provides a voice to the officiating industry and offers insight into the officials that make sports possible.

DRAPER, UT, Nov. 1, 2017 — In the spring of 2017, the largest survey ever conducted in the officiating industry was carried out by NASO, the National Association of Sports Officials, and sponsored by Peopletrail.

With 17,487 respondents, the historic National Officiating Survey represents referees from all backgrounds and levels of sports nationwide. This historic survey collected a surprising amount of data and reveals extraordinary insight into who officials are and what they think.

Much of the data highlighted a need for increased safety. The survey showed 48 percent of male respondents and 45 percent of female respondents feared for their safety because of administrator, coach, player, or spectator behavior. With 57 percent of respondents feeling sportsmanship is getting worse, there is a clear indication that action must be taken to improve.

New Solutions

With this newfound information, NASO hopes to improve all levels of officiating and positively impact national, state and local officiating associations. Barry Mano, President of NASO, believes that the results of this historic survey are the start of new solutions and improved safety for referees.

“Understanding who we are enables NASO to lead and guide with innovative strategies to increase our numbers at the entry-level and retain our officials despite the challenges they face,” said Mano. “This survey is absolutely essential to make evidence-based decisions and focus efforts by NASO long-term.”

Wallace T. Davis, President, and CEO of Peopletrail hopes that this new data will lead to increased safety measures in sports. He believes that the results address a key issue involving safety in sports—the character of the officials themselves.

“Learning about referees shows us what challenges exist that prevent officials from feeling safe at their job,” said Davis. “Getting to know the people behind the sports industry—whether through a survey or by screening their backgrounds—helps ensure that everyone enjoys the game.”

The results of the National Officiating Survey were officially unveiled to participating members at the Sports Officiating Summit 2017 in Louisville, KY. As of Thursday, Nov. 9, the data will be published and available to the public at

Learn more about the survey results.

About NASO

NASO, the National Association of Sports Officials, is a non-profit organization devoted to protecting, educating, and advocating for sports officials in all sports and all levels of competition. With more than 26,000 members, the organization serves as the leading source of officiating information, programs, and services.

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