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Background Screening Checks For Companies

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Curious to learn what types of background checks employers should perform? Read below the list of different types of background screening checks suitable for companies like yours.

Background Screening Checks For Companies that will benefit them the most.

Many companies suffer from reputational or financial losses because of misconduct or fraud committed by their own employees. This problem has only grown over the decades, and every day you can find new instances of candidates with false credentials creating problems even in middle and senior managerial positions.

Types of Background Screening Checks For Companies

Mitigating Risk with Focused Background Screening

The unfortunate part is that in most of these cases, the loss of face for the organization could have been easily prevented if the company had put a proper system in place for verification and confirmation of a candidate’s credentials at the time of hiring.

Employers that continue to ignore the importance of professional pre-employment screening and background checks will always be vulnerable to many types of risks. Professional background screening may appear to be an intrusive exercise that raises privacy concerns for some employers.

However, when it is done through an experienced and reputable service provider with dedicated expertise in this field, these concerns can be fully addressed and legal compliance with privacy issues can be well-managed.

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Here are some of the critical background checks that HR teams are increasingly requesting from professional pre-employment screening firms:

Criminal Background Screening For Businesses

An experienced service provider can conduct a national criminal background check on prospective employees, and help an employer obtain critical information about the potential criminal history of candidates. Some of the key aspects that may be covered as part of a comprehensive criminal background check include:

  • Criminal and civil record
  • Driving record
  • Registry checks (such as a child or elder abuse, sex offender, domestic violence or assault)
  • Patriot Act searches
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) check
  • Financial industry checks (Federal Reserve sanctions, SEC filings, etc.)
  • OIG (Office of Inspector General) check
  • FBI criminal database access was legally mandated

Identity Checks

HR heads in various organizations now recognize the importance of identity checks in the hiring and onboarding process. These identity checks may cover the following areas:

Personal Identity

This check can help verify a candidate’s name variations, current and previous addresses, date of birth, and social security number. A candidate may attempt to hide criminal background by avoiding mention of the residence where they got convicted. These types of hidden information can be revealed with this check.

Social Security Fraud Alert

If the candidate has provided a social security number that is invalid, out of range, non-issued or belongs to a deceased person, it is possible to recognize this warning sign with a social security fraud alert service.

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Drug Screening

The problem of drugs is more widespread in organizations than most employers would like to believe. A professional background check service provider will know the current drug laws and how they relate to the screening process of candidates. They can provide custom drug testing and screening services to ensure these issues are identified in a legal and professional manner to protect the company’s interests.

As the awareness about the professional background check and employment screening grows, more companies are adopting a proactive approach towards it and hiring experienced service providers for this critical task.