Putting Safety First!

At Peopletrail® we are passionate about putting safety first in sports. Our partnership with USA Football® provides you with the tools necessary to accomplish this at an affordable price without compromising ease of use. Peopletrail’s Actionable Insight® Screening solution combines easy-to-use technology and human insights to help you put safety first. Peopletrail and USA Football® provide you with the insight to build a better, safer athletic experience.

Individual Coaches

Coaches can purchase their own background checks when not set up through the league. This option only allows a background check of the individual who requests it.

Comissioners, Presidents, League Representatives

Commissioners, Presidents, or league representatives can sign-up to order background checks for their entire league. This option allows for the order of multiple background checks.

Watch a 3-step instructions video for USA football coaches on how to initiate a background check.