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What Happens If You Lie On A Resume?

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What are the consequences of being untruthful on a resume and obtaining hire based on false information?

It is a known fact that, at times, applicants lie or embellish the truth to accommodate the position requirements when submitting a resume.  But to what extent is it acceptable? Is mentioning something that you barely know even worth including?  Some even claim to be experts in areas where they have very little experience. Embellishing details about education and past employment is quite common as well. While employers can expect embellishment when interviewing and can often sense over-embellishments or lies, there is a small percentage of applicants who succeed at getting hired with fake qualifications. What are the consequences of being hired under these circumstances?

Resume embellishment may be a job seeker’s best friend, not the employer’s. – Read Blog

Well, the applicant was hired. Now, they can only hope that the truth isn’t discovered.  There are chances the employer can fire the employee after finding out the truth, or the new hire can be challenged on the experience they claimed to have. The employee could face humiliation and a damaged reputation. Lies on a resume could also hinder the employee from further growth in the company. It is never a good idea to lie on a resume. Many jobs require applicants to utilize the skills they have stated which gives much room for the truth to eventually come to light.

Blog – A woman lied on her resume to land a $185,000-a-year job. Now she’s going to jail.

After the applicant with false information gets a job, how is the employer affected?

The implications of hiring a dishonest person could be as small as a simple termination of the employee or as extreme as a tarnished company reputation. The employer expects the employee to perform under their stated qualifications. Loss of work quality, less job satisfaction & productivity, cultural mismatch, and theft of company property or information are possible scenarios that could occur. The employer is liable for the performance of their employees. The company would likely benefit from using a  third-party background check company that will verify the employment history, references, and skillsets of each prospective employee before hiring.

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